BA Arabic Colleges in Kerala 2023: Rankings, Fees, Syllabus

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ba arabic colleges in kerala

The benefits of learning a new language are numerous, and it provides pupils with a wide range of opportunities. Arabic is one of the languages that aid in comprehending the various cultures and people of Arab nations. Greater empathy and respect for people from diverse origins can result from learning Arabic, which can aid with increased knowledge of the people. Let’s look at the popular choices for BA Arabic colleges in Kerala in detail.

Name of the CourseBachelors of Arts
Duration3 Years
Type of DegreeUndergraduate
ba arabic colleges in kerala

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BA Arabic Curriculum

Here’s the list of subjects of study that are prescribed by various universities and colleges:

Paper CodeSubjects of Study
1Alphabet, Article, Personal and Demonstrative Pronouns, Adjectives, Incomplete Compounds, Degree, Kind of Sentences, Terilietral Verbs
2Lessons (1-5) AI-Qiraatul Wadiha (Part I) 
3Lessons (1,2,6) AI Qiraatur Rashida (Part II)
4      (a) Lessons (6 to 15) from Al-Qiraatul Wadiha (Part I)
5      (b) Lessons (8, 9, 10) from Al-Qiraatur Rashida (Part I)
6      (a) Lessons (16 to 20) from Al-Qiraatul Wadiha (Part I)
7      (b) Past tense, imperfect, imperative, Prohibition
8Prose and Poetry
9(a) Lessons (8 & 9) from Al-Jadid Fil Lughatil Arabiyyah (Part II)
10(b) Three poems from Al-Qiraatur Rashida (Part I)
11(c) Two Suras (Al-Asr, Al-Fil) from the Holy Quran
12(a) Lessons (11 & 12) from Al-Jadid Fil Lughatil Arabiyyah (Part II)
13(b) Two poems from Al-Qiraatur Rashida (Part-I)
14(c) Two Suras (Al-Quraysh, Al-Lahab) from the Holy Quran
15(a) Lessons (13 & 14) from Al-Jadid Fil Lughalil Arabiyaah (Part II)
16(b) First two Arabic poems from Al-Qiraatur Rashida (Part II)
17(c) Two Suras (Al-Kafirun, Al-Nasr) from the Holy Quran
18(a) Lessons (15 & 21) from Al-Jadid Fil Lughatil Arabiyyah (Part II)
19(b) Three Arabic Poems from Minhajul Arabiyyah (Part III)
20(c) Two Suras (Al-Alaq, Al-Inshirah) from the Holy Quran
21(a) Lessons (27 & 29) from Al-Jadid Fil Lughatil Arabiyyah (Part II)
22(b) Two Suras (Al-Duha, Al-Maaun) from the Holy Quran
23History of Arabic Literature (up to the Umayyad Period)
24(a) Pre-Islamic Arabs
25(c) Arabic one of the Semitic languages and its range before Islam.
26(d) Quraish, their position and interest in Arabic; Richness of Arabic vocabulary; the International position of Arabic.
27(a) Pre-Islamic Literature (Oral Character of Pre-Islamic Literature, Pre-Islamic prose, and Pre-Islamic poetry including Muallaqat).
28(a) Pre-Islamic Literature (Oral Character of Pre-Islamic Literature, Pre-Islamic prose and Pre-Islamic poetry including Muallaqat).
29(b) Characteristics and themes of Pre-Islamic poetry.
30(c) Quran – Its collection and compilation as well as its historical and literary value.
31(d) Beginning of literacy among the Arabs; Attitude of the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his immediate successors to poetry
32(a) Early Islamic poetry.
33(b) Early Islamic prose.
34(c) Contribution of Umar to Arabic literature and Quranic studies.
35(a) An outline of the History of the Umayyads.
36(b) Political and religious movements of the Umayyad period.
37(a) Salient features of the Arabic poetry of the Umayyad period.
38(b) Prose literature of the Umayyad period.

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Popular BA Arabic Colleges in Kerala

Here’s a list of some of the most popular BA Arabic colleges in Kerala:

Name of the CollegeCourse FeeNIRF Ranking 
Government College, KasaragodINR 3215 (Yearly)151
Jain University, KochiTrivandrum University College, Thiruvananthapuram
Maharaja’s College, ErnakulamINR 3920 (Yearly)60
Ansar Arabic College, Mallapuram
Trivandrum University College, ThriruvanthapuramINR 1715 (Yearly)24
MES College, Marampally, Aluva253
Sir Syed College, KannurINR 2630 (Yearly)
Kannur University, Kannur151
Government College, ChitturINR 2930 (Yearly)
University of Calicut, School of Distance Education, Calicut.INR 3160 (Yearly)
WMO Arts and Science College, Wayanad INR 2425 (Yearly)
Government College, MallapuramINR 3150 (Yearly)30
Farook College, KozhikodeINR 2860 (Yearly)88

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Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who has completed the Higher Secondary/Intermediate (10+2) or a test that is recognized as being an equivalent may enroll in the course.

ba arabic colleges in kerala

Admission Process

There is a certain set of documents required in order to get admission to BA in Arabic in Kerala. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

  • Mark sheet and pass certificate of your Class X or XII examination.
  • Proof of date of birth.
  • School leaving certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Caste certificates
  • Proof of disability (if any)
  • Migration Certificate

Job Profiles

BA in Arabic is a 3-year course that covers art, drama, history, and literature of the Arabic language. Students can choose to take up a master’s course after completion of their bachelor program or they can take up various job profiles that offer competitive salary packages. Some of the popular job profiles are:

  • Arabic Translator
  • Language Analyst
  • Content Analyst
  • Arabic Teacher


Q1. How many universities and colleges provide Arabic language courses in Kerala?

There are more than 25+ colleges that provide a range of courses related to Arabic languages.

Q2. What are the future prospects of pursuing a BA in Arabic language?

Students who earn a BA in Arabic language have an extra competitive advantage while finding suitable jobs.

Q3. Which is the most prominent Islamic University in Kerala?

The largest Islamic university in Kerala is Darul Huda Islamic University, located in Mallapuram district, Kerala. It has a range of courses to choose from and students can take courses as per their interests.

Shortlisting of universities is one of the tedious tasks, no matter whatever the course or country you decide to go for. This was all about BA Arabic colleges in Kerala in detail. 

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