What is the Full Form of PHED?

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The full form of PHED is the Public Health Engineering Department. Its primary aim is to provide safe drinking water in rural and urban areas, especially in Scheduled Caste Bastis. Moreover, its key role includes making a safe water supply available even during natural calamities. It was established in 1987 to look after the Water Supply and Sanitation Budget of the State Government. Let us learn more about PHED. 

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Objectives of PHED

Here are a few key objectives of PHED:

  • Policy formulation: PHED plays a pivotal role in formulating policies related to water management, public health, and sanitation. 
  • Water supply: It aims to plan and execute effective water supply schemes to ensure the availability of safe drinking water in rural and urban areas. This involves the construction and maintenance of water supply systems to ensure that clean drinking water is readily available. 
  • Sanitation: The PHED also fosters numerous sanitary facilities in rural and backward areas. This will eventually lead to a decrease in waterborne diseases. 
  • Overall development: At the district level, the PHED conducts surveys, investigations, data collection, and execution of strategies.  

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Other Full Forms of PHED

Below we have listed a few other commonly used full forms of PHED: 

  • Physical Education: In simple words, it means education through the use of physical movements and physique.
  • Public Health Engineering: Public health engineering refers to using engineering concepts to improve public health. 
  • Plate heat exchanger: It is a commonly used heat exchanger in which multiple plates are stacked together in a frame. 

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