What is the Full Form of MLA?

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The full form of MLA in English is Member of Legislative Assembly. It refers to a member appointed to the legislature of the State Indian government by the voters of a district. In other words, MLAs form the State Government in Idia. Interestingly, the state comprises seven to nine MLAs for each Lok Sabha Member of Parliament (MP). Moreover, MLAs are bestowed with different powers to take up the required duties and perform their role. Let us explore the eligibility, duties, and powers of an MLA.

Eligibility to Become an MLA

Now that you know the full form of MLA in English, let us move on to the next important piece of information. Here is an overview of the eligibility to become an MLA: 

  • Interested candidates must be a citizen of India.
  • The aspirant should be at least twenty-five years of age. Moreover, the candidate should not be less than the age of 30 years before becoming a member of the legislative council.
  • The candidate must be enrolled as a voter in any constituency. 
  • The person should be of sound mind. 
  • Interested candidates must not hold any office of benefit under the Government of India. 
  • The person should not have been ever sentenced by a court of law.

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What are the Duties of MLA?

Here is an overview of the duties of members of the legislative assembly:

  • Members of the legislative assembly can use their powers related to law-making on matters for which the Parliament cannot enact laws. 
  • Since the party in ruling power is accountable to the legislative assembly, MLAs can monitor its actions and decisions or scrutinize them to enhance the overall performance of the government.
  • MLAs are bestowed with a few electoral powers such as electing Rajya Sabha members, electing the Speaker as well as Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and electing the President of India. 

What is the Term of an MLA?

The term of an MLA in India is generally for five years or less. However, this fixed term can be extended in certain situations such as a state of war or emergency. Moreover, if a no-confidence motion is passed against the ruling majority party by the Governor at the request of the Chief Minister, the State Legislative Assembly may be dissolved.

Disqualification Grounds for MLA

The members of the legislative assembly can become unfit for position on certain grounds such as:

  • The court found them mentally unsound.
  • The person remains an undischarged insolvent.
  • They have obtained the citizenship of another state and thus, no longer act as Indian citizens. 
  • The person is convicted of committing election-related offenses.

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Powers of MLA

MLAs have been empowered with numerous legislative, financial, and executive powers such as:

  • MLAs in India act as the rule makers who enact laws for subjects upon which the Parliament cannot legislate.
  • They ensure that the enacted rules are followed appropriately by the people of their constituency.
  • The State Legislature of India is also empowered to make laws on certain subjects such as local governance, public health, agriculture, and police.

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