What is the Full Form of RAPD?

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The full form of RAPD is Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA. It is a type of molecular biology technique used to amplify random segments of DNA. It is a type of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), but the segments of DNA that are amplified are random. In this blog, we will learn more about this abbreviation in detail. 

It is a relatively simple and inexpensive technique, and it can be performed with a minimum of equipment. However, RAPD results can be variable, and it is important to carefully control the experimental conditions.

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Application of RAPD

RAPD has been used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Forensic science: RAPD has been used to identify individuals from crime scenes or to match victims to perpetrators of crimes.
  • Paternity testing: It can be used to determine whether a man is the father of a child.
  • Genetic diversity studies: It has been used to study the genetic diversity of populations of plants and animals. This information can be used to study the evolution of species or to identify populations that are at risk of extinction.
  • Marker-assisted selection: It has also been used to identify genetic markers that are associated with desirable traits in plants and animals. This information can be used to develop breeding programs to select for those traits.
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