What is the Full Form of CC?

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CC Full Form

The CC full form is Cubic Capacity. It refers to the size and capacity of an engine. It is one of the essential factors in automobiles. The piston’s top dead centre (TDC) and bottom dead centre (BDC), where combustion takes place in the rear cylinder, are specified as the volume of the car’s cylinder. The displacement or cubic capability of the piston is its swept volume inside the cylinder. Therefore, if an engine has a higher CC, more fuel will be burned, increasing the engine’s output. In most cases, the cubic capacity is expressed in cubic centimetres. 

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Measurement of Cubic Capacity

More engine cubic capacity would mean less fuel economy because more fuel would be used.

The equation for calculating an engine’s cubic capacity is:

V = (π/4) x (D2) x N x H

V = Volume

D = Bore Diameter

N= Number of Cylinders

H = Stroke Length

The value of π is 3.14

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Conversion to CC:

  • One cubic inch = 16.38706 cm 3
  • One milliliter = 1 cm 3
  • One liter = 1000 cm 3 

Use of Cubic Capacity:

With the aid of the fuel consumption amount in cubic metres, CC, or cubic capacity, measures the distance that a vehicle travels. The miles per gallon of petrol used to measure its cubic capacity has a unit.

CC Full Form in Email

It is used in Email communication. The full form of CC is “Carbon Copy” in email. When you put someone in CC, you are giving a copy of that email to them to communicate. All the members you mention in CC can see each other, however, in BCC the members cannot see each other.

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