12 Interesting Facts About Navratri Students Must Know

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10 Interesting Facts About Navratri Students Must Know

Navratri is one of the most much-awaited festivals in India. It spans for nine days and includes people dressing up in traditional attires to play garba, fasting for nine days, eating only satvik food, and above all, worshipping the different incarnations of Goddess Durga. In a nutshell, the Navratri festival in India comes with joy, and excitement, and holds great significance for the people of India. If you want to teach your children about what Navratri is all about, why do we celebrate Navratri, here are 12 amazing facts about Navratri to not only teach them about this important Hindu festival but also instill essential values. 

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Interesting and Lesser-Knowb Facts About Navratri

1. The word “Navratri” is an amalgamation of two words, “Nav” meaning nine and “Ratra” meaning NIght. 

2. The nine days of Navratri are called Pratipada, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchmi, Shasthi, Saptami, Ashtami, and Dashmi.

3. Each of the nine days of Navratri is dedicated to a particular incarnation of Goddess Durga. 

4. The dates of the Navratri festival in India are set according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. 

5. The end of the ninth day of Navratri welcomes the festival of Dusshera on the tenth day.

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6. After 20 days of Dusshera, India celebrates its other popular festival called Diwali.

7. During Navratri, grand statues of the goddess Durga are worshipped in West Bengal for five days. They are then placed in a river on the sixth day.

8. The nine forms of Goddess Durga worshipped during Navratri are Durga, Bhadrakali, Amba, Annapoorna Devi, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandika, Lalita, Bhavani and Mookambika.

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9. Navratri is observed five times a year with a 9-day celebration fiesta. It is observed in the months of March/April, June/July, September/October, December/January, and January/February.

10. Navratri is known by different names across India. It is called Golu in Tamil Nadu, Durga Puja in West Bengal, and so on. 

11. According to a popular legend, it is believed that gods granted Goddess Durga nine days to visit her mother once a year. Therefore, the festival celebrates the bond of a mother and daughter.

12. Navratri also symbolises the celebration of autumn and spring.

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