What is the Full Form of PBX?

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The full form of PBX is Private Branch Exchange. It is a business telephone system that provides users with different services such as call routing, voicemail, outbound and inbound lines, and call management features. Additionally, PBX also offers the latest calling features such as call waiting, music/message on hold functions, and auto-attendants, thus making them a suitable option for corporate customers.

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How Does a PBX System Work?

Besides facilitating communication with callers outside your business, PBX systems also allow you to communicate with people inside the company. Understanding how a PBX system works is actually a piece of cake. The switchboard in a PBX system processes the different connections between telephones to make a call. It allows businesses to operate on multiple phone lines that are connected to a public switched telephone network or VoIP network. This is actually how calls are made and received.

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Types of PBX

Currently, there are four main types of PBX systems. They are categorized by location and operation. In simple words, a PBx may operate within the premises of the business or offsite at a PBX management office. Similarly, they may operate by internet protocol (IP) or by other similar technologies.

Traditional PBX

  • On-premise PBX: It is located at the business and uses analog or digital systems.
  • Hosted Traditional PBX: It is located offsite and generally uses analog or digital systems. 

IP-Based PBX

  • On-premise IP PBX: It is located at the business premises and uses IP communications.
  • Hosted IP PBX: It is located offsite and uses IP communications.

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Advantages of Using PBX

PBX offers a wide range of advantages to users due to which businesses are shifting more towards it.

  • It is more cost-effective than other similar options. 
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