What is the Full Form of BSF?

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BSF Full Form

The Full Form of BSF is Border Security Force. Under the Government of India, it is a protective paramilitary power that deals with the security of India’s borders. Moreover, BSF was established by the Border Security Act of 1968 on the 1st of December, 1968. BSF is part of one of the five CAPF wings. Additionally, among many, the BSF is an enormous guarding power of our borders of Bangladesh and Pakistan. The current director general of the BSF is Nitin Agarwal with the Ministry of Home Affairs as the governing body. 

Common NameBorder Security Force 
Constituting ActBorder Security Force Act, 1968
MottoDuty Unto Death
Formed 1st December, 1965
General NatureFederal Law Enforcement 
Employees 2,65,000
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
Governing BodyMinistry of Home Affairs 
Director General Nitin Agarwal, IPS

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What is the History of BSF?

The Indo-Pak War in 1968 and its aftermath resulted in the need for a security force to guard our borders. Till 1971, the BSF was called the Border Security Force of India and Pakistan (BSFIP) when the independent nation of Bangladesh arose. After that, the BSF began protecting its Bangladesh and Pakistan borders. 

Consequently, our BSF has encountered numerous threats which they have dealt with skill and bravery. In addition, in cases of illegal immigration, smuggling of drugs as well as attempts of infiltration, the BSF has countered them with their professional training and modern technology. The BSF is well known by all for its contributions to our national security. 

Did You Know?
The BSF has a separate camel and dog wing that lets them expand their reach into varied terrain and threatening situations.

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What are the Responsibilities and Roles of the BSF?

The responsibilities and roles of the BSF in protecting our borders are diverse, they are as follows:

  • Safeguard India from cross-border illegal activities such as smuggling, infiltration, and immigration.
  • The BSF sets up observation posts as well as conducts regular patrols along our borders. 
  • Moreover, they have a strong presence along India’s borders. 

Other than guarding our borders, the BSF during natural calamities and civil disturbances helps in assisting and bringing aid to those in need. Additionally, they also conduct sports, education, and medical camps in India. 

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