What is the full form of CL?

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The full form of CL is Casual Leave. It refers to a type of leave that some companies offer to accommodate any unforeseen or urgent circumstances. In simple words, it is the complete opposite of EL or Earned Leave which caters to planned days off. Apart from this, there are other types of leave which will be discussed next. Moreover, casual leaves are paid leaves which means that the employee will not face a deduction from their salary. 

Casual Leave General Rules

When it comes to taking casual leave, companies can be rigid with their rules. Moreover, rules can differ depending on the type of company and job role. Nonetheless, here are a few general rules about taking a casual leave:

  • Employees can avail of casual leave for a minimum of half a day to a maximum of three days.
  • Employees cannot carry forward their unused casual leave to next year. Accordingly, this type of leave will be extinguished if not used within time. 
  • The unused casual leaves cannot be encashed like other types of leave such as EL or PL. 
  • If a new employee has joined the company recently, the employer will allot their casual leave accordingly. For instance, joining in the middle of the year leaves them with half of the total CL balance.

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Types of Leaves

Here are the different types of leaves a company rewards their employees with.

Leave typeUse 
Earned Leave/ Privilege leave / Annual leaveThis type of leave is earned by the employee and can be used for vacations, festivals, and other personal reasons. 
Casual LeaveThis type of leave accommodates unforeseen requirements of the employees. 
Sick LeaveThese are medical leaves, available in case of sickness or health emergencies. 
Maternity LeaveIt allows women employees to take paid leave from work weeks before having a baby. 
Loss Of Pay LeaveIt is an unpaid leave, used when all other leaves are exhausted. 

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