What is the Full Form of SRPF?

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full form of SRPF

The full form of SRPF is State Reserve Police Force. The Special Armed Police Force of the State of Maharashtra, also known as the State Reserve Police Force or SRPF, was founded on March 6, 1948. Two units were established in Belgaum, Karnataka’s Purandar and Sambre to help Maharashtra become self-sustaining in internal security difficulties. By combining the armed police units from the Central Province, Berar, and Old Hyderabad State Police Force when the States were reorganized, the force’s size was enhanced.

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More About SRPF

The SRPF is currently a vital and important part of the Maharashtra State Police and a proudly armed police organization. In the cities of Mumbai, Pune, Daund, Solapur, Jalna, Amravati, Nagpur, Hingoli, and Dhule, there are 13 groups that make up the SRPF. Additionally, three India Reserve Battalions are situated in Kolhapur, Gondia, and Aurangabad. SRPF soldiers have frequently taken the lead in addressing situations causing commotion in the neighborhood.

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Responsibilities of SRPF

  • Maintenance of Law and Order
  • Actions against Naxals
  • Disaster Management and Preparedness
  • Security of Vital Installations
  • Feeding Training Units
  • Forest Protection

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