What is the Full Form of SSF?

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SSF full form is Special Security Force. In Bangladesh, a law enforcement organisation called the Special Security Force (SSF) is in charge of guarding both employees and foreign dignitaries.

About Organisation 

In Tejgaon, Dhaka, the SSF Headquarters is housed in the Prime Minister’s Office. The SSF retains its own housing and autonomous training facility close to the headquarters.

The SSF is divided into five administrative bureaus and is led by a director-general, who is a brigadier general or major general.

  • Operation and Protection Bureau
  • Tactical Support Team
  • Logistics Bureau
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Training Bureau

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The SSF’s role is to physically protect the President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh as well as anyone else the Bangladeshi government has identified as a very important person (VIP).  The SSF is also in charge of protecting the homes and offices of VIPs. To stop current threats to VIPs and safeguard them from emerging ones, the SSF works in conjunction with the civil administration, security organizations, and intelligence agencies. 


The idea of establishing a security force in Bangladesh for the physical protection of VIPs was initially put out by the president at the time, Hussain Muhammad Ershad. On June 15, 1986, the Presidential Security Force was officially launched. On September 27, 1991, the group was renamed the Special Security Force after Bangladesh switched to a parliamentary system of government. A security force would come immediately under the command of the president and will be overseen and administered by a director, and maybe given the authority of the Chief of Army Staff regarding SSF activities was created by the Presidential Security Force Ordinance.

The force may request assistance from other agencies, including as the military, paramilitary groups, and law enforcement. With the return of the parliamentary system, the Special Security Force underwent a name change, with its primary responsibility being the protection of the president, prime minister, and other VIPs. The force’s initial mission was to physically safeguard the president and other VIPs, including heads of state, leaders of government, and anyone else whom the government recognised as a VIP, wherever they might be. 

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