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cbi full form

CBI full form is Central Bureau of Investigation. One of India’s major investigative agencies is the Central Bureau of Investigation. It deals with high-profile issues. The major responsibility of this investigation agency is to protect the events and evidence in unfinished cases. It is regulated by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions of the Government of India. The investigating department also handles pension and public grievances. Everything under the Prime Minister’s office is a homecoming. Investigations into infractions of the Prevention of Corruption Act, on the other hand. The Central Vigilance Commission is one entity that can help with supervision vests. In addition, this investigation agency serves as the nodal police agency.

History of CBI

The Special Police Establishment was formed in 1941 to supervise internal security. On April 1, 1963, it was called CBI (full form Central Bureau of Investigation). D.P. Kohli was the CBI’s first director. It was given new tasks in 1965, including the investigation of economic crimes as well as traditional crimes like murder, abduction, and terrorism-related offences. The CBI established two independent investigating divisions in 1987: the Anti-Corruption Division and the Special Crimes Division.

Responsibilities of CBI

  • Terrorism can be controlled by taking tight measures.
  • Investigate all sorts of crime in India and, on occasion, outside of India.
  • Handle financial fraud cases.
  • Resolve any state’s unsolved police department cases.
  • Provide police forces with leadership and direction in the fight against corruption.

Interesting Facts About CBI

  • According to the most recent numbers for 2021, the CBI is investigating over 700 corruption and criminal cases.
  • A CBI officer does not have any official clothing; he/she just wears a formal dress in the workplace or when working.
  • The CBI has played a significant role in many important cases in India, yet it has been accused in the past of working on behalf of the ruling party.
  • The CBI has been accused of filing numerous types of charges against opposition leaders and anyone who oppose the ruling party.

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