What is the Full Form of NSG?

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The Full Form of NSG is the National Security Guard. The NSG is also widely recognised as the Black Cats. NSG is a counter-terrorism force within India that is operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It was established on the 16th of October 1984, in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star. Furthermore, NSG’s primary mission is to counteract terrorist threats and protect the nation from internal disruptions. Additionally, the NSG’s legal framework is outlined in the National Security Guard Act of 1986. As one of India’s seven Central Armed Police Forces, NSG’s administrative headquarters is situated in Mehram Nagar, Palam, while Manesar serves as its operational headquarters.

What is the Role of NSG?

Moreover, the Role of NSG is as follows:

  • The NSG serves as a federal contingency deployment force that primarily intervenes during serious terrorist attacks.
  • In addition, described as New Delhi’s primary response force in worst-case scenarios, the NSG is a specialised counter-terrorism force meant for exceptional situations without taking over para-military or state police functions.
  • Initially expanded to provide personal security to politicians, the NSG had its additional VIP security responsibilities removed in January 2020, reverting to its original roles of anti-hijacking as well as counter-terrorism.
  • A small NSG unit has been stationed in Kashmir since 2018 that supports Indian Forces in high-risk operations.
  • The NMDC which operates within the NSG also occasionally aids local law enforcement through Post Blast Investigations.

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What Does the Organisation of NSG Include?

The NSG’s operational forces include three Special Ranger Groups, two Special Action Groups, the Electronic Support Centre, five Special Composite Groups and the National Bomb Data Centre are stationed at its operational headquarters in Manesar. Additionally, there are five deployments at each of the organization’s regional hubs. 

  1. Special Ranger Groups (SRG)
  2. Special Action Groups (SAG)
  3. Electronic Support Group (ESG)
  4. Special Composite Group (SCG)
  5. Regional Deployments 
  6. National Bomb Data Centre

If you have the zeal and spirit you can join the NSG too! 

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