What is the Full Form of MTR?

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The full form of MTR is Mass Transit Railway. It refers to a major public transport network in Hong Kong. this rapid transit railway system is operated by MTR Corporation Limited and includes up to 200 km of rail with over 155 stations, making it one of the busiest rail systems in the world. Up until the 1970s, Hong Kong’s transport system mainly relied on buses and trams. It was only until the government realized the inadequacy of the existing tram systems. 

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Features of MTR

Here are a few noteworthy features of Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway system:

  • Dual-link structure: MTR features a dual-link structure that offers uninterrupted operations around the clock. For instance, if an error occurs on one link, the system automatically switches to another independent one to work seamlessly.
  • Automatic switch of devices: Upon detecting a fatal alarm, the network management system automatically activates the backup devices. In extreme cases where the system encounters a major failure, the whole system can be switched to another end. 
  • Multiple degrade modes: The system supports a normal degrade mode, I degrade mode, and II degrade mode. All three modes provide aid in different circumstances. 
  • GUI design- It features a superior geographical user interface (GUI) design. Interestingly, it is the first time that a rail transit dispatching system has a touchscreen operation. 

Advantages of MTR

There are more advantages of the Mass Transit Railway than what appears on the surface. 

  • It has reduced congestion on Hong Kong’s roads.
  • A decrease in private vehicles on roads has led to significantly less air pollution. 
  • The MTR has a high fault-tolerance capability that makes it safer and a better option for traveling. 
  • Its user-friendly interface shows the availability of real-time vehicle location.  

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