What is the Full Form of RAW?

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Full Form of RAW

The full form of RAW is Research and Analysis Wing. It is India’s first dedicated foreign intelligence agency that was formed due to the failure of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in the Indo-China War of 1962 and the Indo-Pak War of 1965. RAW started with a strength of nearly 250 people and over the last 50 years, the agency has expanded tremendously.

Formed under the Prime Ministership of Indira Gandhi, this foreign intelligence agency is dedicated to protecting the sovereign territory of the Republic of India. The initial success of RAW is credited to Rameshawr Nath Kao, the first Director of the organisation. The agency is currently thriving under the leadership of Samant Kumar Goel, an IPS officer from the 1984 batch. 

Objectives of RAW

The Research and Analysis Wing is dedicated to achieving the following objectives:

  • Gather intelligence
  • Identify terror threats, oversee anti-terror operations, and wipe out terror elements in India.
  • Engage in covert operations in India and foreign lands to ensure the safety of India.
  • Manage and analyse the military, political, economic, and scientific progress in the country that can contribute to the national security.
  • Shape international public opinion about the security of the territorial borders of India.
  • Guide policymakers engaged in making security laws.

History and Major Contributions of RAW

The Research and Analysis Wing has played an instrumental role in the following landmark events:

  • Liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan, 1971
  • Sikkim’s accession to India, 1975
  • Nuclear Programme of India, 1965 to hitherto
  • African Liberation Movements, Cold War Era
  • Anti-Apartheid movement in Namibia and South Africa
  • India’s bilateral relations with Afghanistan
  • Operation Cactus in the Maldives, 1988

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