What is the Full Form of LMV? 

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LMV Full Form

The full form of LMV is Light Motor Vehicle. In India, vehicles are generally classified into two diverse categories by the Regional Transport Authority. It includes the LMVs and the HMVs. In simple words, the LMV refers to a category of small and light vehicles that are used to carry passengers and goods from one place to another. By meeting the necessary eligibility requirements for getting a license, Indian citizens can easily drive on the road. 

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What is a Light Motor Vehicle?

As mentioned above, LMVs are categorized into LMV TR and LMV NT.


  • LMV TR is light motor vehicle transport that is generally used for a plethora of commercial work such as transportation of goods. 
  • The validity of a TR driving license is 3 years after which you will have to renew it.


  • Vehicles that fall under the LMV NT category are non-transport vehicles. In other words, these vehicles are used for personal uses such as work commutes, trip, shopping, etc. 
  • Since people only need a personal driving license for this type of LMV, the validity generally ranges around 20 years. 

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Eligibility Criteria to Avail LMV Driving License in India

If you wish to get a driving license for an LMV vehicle, you need to satisfy certain eligibility requirements such as:

  • Individuals should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Appearing individuals should be mentally and physically fit.
  • They should also be literate. 
  • Individuals should also qualify a driving test as well as the written exam.

Types of LMV Licenses in India 

There are two types of LMV Licenses:

  • LMV Commercial Driving Licence– It allows you to drive LMV vehicles for personal and commercial uses such as delivery vans and taxis. 
  • LMV Licence for Private Vehicles- It allows you to drive LMV vehicles for non-commercial purposes only. 

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