What is the Full Form of WEF?

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full form of WEF

The full form of WEF is World Economic Forum. Established in 1971, WEF is an NGO with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. WEF is an independent organization that aims to improve world policies through consistent dialogues and partnerships. The organization includes global entrepreneurs, eminent intellectuals and public figures that work together towards the highest form of moral integrity. 

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What is the Objective of WEF?

The following are the objectives of WEF:

  • It is an independent forum and engages in consistent dialogues to enable the swift resolution of economic disputes. 
  • WEF’s activities are shaped by their unique stakeholder philosophy and precisely blend the multifaceted features of different entities in the organization
  • WEF’s members belong to different walks of life and bring diverse geopolitical views that constantly reshape the diaspora of the NGO. 
  • The WEF believes that progress happens only if positive changes are affected throughout the economy of the world

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What is the Impact of WEF?

The following are the impacts of WEF:

It brings straight-word philosophy to deliver and cater to the best and most relevant minds and search the ways to solve pressing global issues. WEF has been the body of change that influenced the policy structures of many governments and has settled thousands of international disputes. The WEF aims to empower the world and make a contribution to help:

  • Reshaping public policy via discussions with the key stakeholders
  • Working together towards the goal of equitable distribution of scarce natural resources
  • Responsible for awakening the public through brand awareness programs and paradigm-shifting through consistent cooperation 

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