What is the Full Form of MOM?

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MOM full form

The MOM full form is the Minutes of the Meeting. It is a written record of a business meeting. This document is prepared to compile all the important information about the official discussion. A person is delegated the responsibility of taking notes about the action points discussed during the meeting. This designated person is usually known as the executive assistant. However, each member of the discussion also prepares her/their/his MOM to keep a tab on future tasks. This practice is very common in the corporate sector where each employee has to be on her/their/his toes to excel in her/their/his respective roles.

How to Record MOM?

Here are some of the basic steps to record MOM effectively:

  • Pre-Planning: This step includes deciding on the meeting’s agenda, sending invites to all relevant employees, determining the mode of record preparation, and designating an individual to prepare MOM.
  • Record Taking: It is the second step in which the designated person takes notes using electronic or physical mode. They/she/he must ensure that MOM is prepared with accuracy and clarity.
  • Writing the minutes.
  • Sharing the minutes of the meeting via electronic or physical means.
  • Storing of MOM for future reference.

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Contents of MOM

The minutes of the meeting must include the following:

  • Date, day, and time of the scheduled meeting
  • Names of attendees (Present and Absent ones)
  • Changes made to the previous MOM which are referred to in the current discussion
  • Decisions made or tasks allocated regarding each aspect of the meeting agenda
  • The future course of action
  • Important takeaways of the discussion

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Other MOM Full Form

Other full forms of MOM are as follows:

  • Mars Orbiter Mission (India)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management (Manufacturing Units)
  • Man of the Match (Cricket)
  • Microsoft Operations Manager (Computer)
  • Mother

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