What is the Full Form of BSI? 

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The full form of BSI is the Botanical Survey of India. It was established in 1890 with the primary objective of exploring the country’s abundance of ecological diversity as well as identifying its species and economic virtue. Moreover, the BSI is considered the apex research organization under the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEFCC). Keep on reading and find out more details about BSI.

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History of BSI

The Botanical Survey of India is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It was originally instituted by the East India Company on 13 February 1890 under the leadership of Sir George King. Before this, the British government had also established botanical gardens at places like Pune, Saharanpur, Madras, and Sibpur as centers for conducting experiments and improving botanical knowledge. 

The primary objective of establishing the Botanical Survey of India was to undertake the study of the plant wealth of India and neighboring regions, thus promoting 

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Primary Functions of BSI

The scope of BSI’s functions extends far and wide. From basic taxonomic research to building a comprehensive database, here is what you need to know:

  • The BSI explores and documents the phytodiversity in different areas. This information is required across various fields such as horticulture, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. 
  • It looks after the publication of National, State, and District Floras.
  • The BSI identifies and prioritizes endangered plant species as well as species-rich areas. It works towards their restoration.
  • It also manages ex-situ conservation of threatened species in botanical gardens.
  • The Botanical Survey of India surveys and documents new findings associated with plants.
  • It helps to develop the national database of Indian plants.

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