What is the Full Form of CI?

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The full form of CI is Circle Inspector of Police. Suppose a neighbourhood is divided into circles which cover up regions of two or more police stations or police outposts. The inspector who heads the circle of the district is called the CI. The major duty of the Circle Inspector is to prevent crime in his circle. A CI also takes care that all the police officers posted in his circle fulfil their responsibilities efficiently. Read on to know more about CI.

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Eligibility to Become a CI

Here are the eligibility criteria for becoming a CI:

  • Your age must be between 21 to 44 years
  • You must be graduated from a renowned university
  • You should be fluent in the native language of the respective state
  • You must qualify for the Civil Services Examination(CSE) conducted by the Public Service Commission(PSC)

How to Become a Civil Servant?

Responsibilities of a CI

  • Must inspect and visit the crime scenes in his area
  • Must check the efficiency of the police officers in his circle and he should inspect the police stations of his circle at least once a year
  • Must visit the sick police officer in health care under Sub-Rule (6) of Rule 24
  • Must assist the Superintendent of Police in his duties
  • Must be responsible for the collection of revenue of the states

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