Battle of Tukaroi: Background, Events and Outcome

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In 1575, Mughal forces led by Munim Khan clashed with the Bengali army of Sultan Daud Khan at Tukaroi, a village in western Bengal. This decisive battle heavily weakened the Bengalis, paving the way for the Mughals to conquer Bengal by 1576 fully, solidifying Mughal rule and ending Bengal’s independence since the 14th century. The battle of Tukaroi ensured the victory of the Mughals in a larger chunk of India. Well! There is more to the details of the battle so let’s dive right into it. 

Details of the Battle of Takuroi 
Fought betweenMughal Army and Sultanate of Bangala and Bihar
Date3 March 1575
Who wonBengal and Bihar

Battle of Tukaroi: Background and Event 

Karrani treacherously murdered Lodi Khan and seized his property. Akbar, having finished his annual visit to Ajmer, marched towards Patna. He successfully captured Hajipur and Patna Fort in 1574, securing vital supplies and strategic locations. 

Akbar, the most famous Mughal emperor, sent his general Munim Khan to deal with Daud Khan Karrani, the Sultan of Bangala, who had seized a Mughal frontier post. Munim Khan failed to defeat Daud and Akbar himself took charge of the campaign in 1574. 

Akbar’s journey to Bengal by river was difficult due to the monsoon season. Despite losing several ships, he reached Benares and then joined his army that had marched overland. He then advanced towards the Sultan of Bangala. Munim Khan along with a Mughal army ensued to engage the forces of Karrani in the battle of the Tukaroi. In his battle, Munim Khan was severely injured and Karrani fled the scene because Bengal was on the verge of winning the scene. 

The hard-fought victory at Tukaroi wasn’t the final chapter in the Mughal conquest of Bengal. Following the battle, the Treaty of Katak was signed.

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Treaty of Katak 

This treaty seemed to settle the battle of Tukaroi. Daud Khan, the defeated Sultan of Bengal, gave up substantial territory. He relinquished control of both Bengal and Bihar, clinging only to Odisha.

However, this peace proved fragile. Munim Khan, the Mughal governor of Bengal, died at the age of 50. Seeing an opportunity, Daud Khan seized his chance. He launched an invasion, re-entering Bengal. This act of aggression would spark another conflict – the Battle of Raj Mahal in 1576. The outcome of this battle would ultimately determine the fate of Bengal.


Who fought the Battle of Tukaroi?

The battle of Tukaroi was fought between the Mughal army and the Sultanate of Bengal and Bihar. 

What was the Battle between Akbar and Daud Khan?

The battle of Tukaroi between the Mughal army led by Munim Khan and the Bengal Sultanate led by Afghani leader Daud Khan. 

What was the Treaty of Katak?

Daud Khan was defeated in Tukaroi, ceded Bengal and Bihar in the Treaty of Katak but later retook Bengal after the Mughal commander’s death.

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