What is the Full Form of NSS?

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full form of NSS

The full form of NSS is National Service Scheme (NSS). The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a public service programme run by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Every year on September 24, India observes the day. The NSS was founded in 1969, the centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, in 37 universities with 40,000 students.

On September 24, 1969, then-Union Education Minister VKRV Rao launched the scheme at 37 universities across the country. It is now supported by all of the country’s colleges and states. Let us learn more about the NSS meaning, objective, symbol, and other things.

Objectives of NSS

  • Making them aware of the community in which they live and work
  • To instil in young people a feeling of social and civic responsibility
  • Involve students or the younger generation in identifying community needs and problems and in problem-solving
  • Encourage them to seek effective answers to personal and social challenges
  • Increase your ability to respond to emergencies and natural disasters
  • National integration and social harmony should be practised and promoted
  • To help kids understand themselves in relation to their community
  • To build the skills needed for teamwork and responsibility sharing
  • To assist them in developing leadership skills and democratic views

What is the Motto of NSS?

The NSS motto, “Not Me But You,” represents the concept of democratic living and emphasises the need for selfless service. Its concept is based on the belief that an individual’s well-being is fully dependent on the well-being of society as a whole, hence NSS volunteers are expected to work for the well-being of society.

What is the Logo of NSS?

The NSS Badge has the NSS logo. It is modelled after the world-famous Konark Sun Temple (The Black Pagoda), which is located in the Indian state of Orissa. The logo’s blue and red colours urge NSS Volunteers to be active and energetic in nation-building social activities. The red colour suggests that the volunteer is energetic, active, and driven and that he or she is full of young blood. The navy blue colour represents the universe, of which the NSS is a little part, and so is ready to contribute to the well-being of mankind and society. The logo’s wheel depicts the cycle of creation and preservation, as well as the movement of life across space and time. 

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