What’s the Full Form of PSC?

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psc full form

If you’ve ever wanted to pursue a career in the government sector, then you must have heard of the term PSC. But do you know what it stands for and what it does? In this blog, we will explain the full form of PSC, its functions, and the exams it conducts. Read on to find out more about this important organization and how you can prepare for its exams.

Full Form of PSC

The full form of PSC is the Public Service Commission, a constitutional body established under Articles 315 to 323 of Part XIV of the Indian Constitution. The main purpose of the PSC is to assist the state governments in matters of recruitment, transfer, promotion, and discipline of civil servants. It also advises the governor on any state administration-related issues.

Full Form of PSC: Types

There are two types of PSCs in India: 

  1. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 
  2. State Public Service Commission (SPSC)

UPSC is responsible for conducting exams for recruitment to the All India Services and the Higher Central Services. SPSC is responsible for conducting exams for recruitment to the state services and posts. Both UPSC and SPSC are independent and impartial bodies that report to the Parliament and the state legislatures respectively.

Functions of PSC

Some of the functions of PSC are:

  1. To conduct exams for appointments to posts under the state government and the civil services.
  2. To advise the governor on the candidates’ suitability for appointments, promotions, or transfers.
  3. To advise the governor on all disciplinary matters affecting a person serving under the state government in a civil capacity.
  4. To advise the governor about a person serving or having served under the state government in a civil capacity on any claim or in respect.
  5. To advise the governor on any matter that he/she may refer to them.

Exams conducted by PSC

PSC conducts various exams for recruitment to different categories of posts and services under the state government. Some of the common exams conducted by PSC are:

  • State Civil Services Exam
  • State Engineering Services Exam
  • State Forest Services Exam
  • State Medical Services Exam
  • State Judicial Services Exam

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Candidates can check the official website of their respective SPSCs for more details like the eligibility criteria, syllabus, pattern, and selection process etc.

We hope this blog helped you understand the full form of PSC, its purpose, functions and the exams conducted by the agency. If you want to know more, find 300+ full forms list on our blog. In the world of short forms, you can rely on the Leverage edu page to know about more full form like this! Connect with us study abroad experts to achieve your international dream today!

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