What is the Full Form of BOI?

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BOI full form

The Full Form of BOI is the Bank of India. BOI was founded on the 7th of September 1906 and is one of the oldest and leading public sector banks in India. Moreover, BOI provides a range of banking and financial services to customers, including retail banking, corporate banking, and international banking. With a widespread presence, BOI boasts over 5100 branches across India, spanning all states and union territories (UT), inclusive of specialized branches. Additionally, these branches operate under the supervision of 69 Zonal Offices and 13 NBG Offices. 

What is the History of BOI?

Additionally, BOI has experienced swift expansion throughout its history, thus evolving into a formidable entity with a strong domestic footprint and substantial global operations. Here are some of the key moments in BOI history:

  • In 1997, the bank initiated its inaugural public offering. 
  • Which was followed by a subsequent Qualified Institutions Placement in February 2008. 
  • BOI set up a fully computerized branch with ATM services at the Mahalaxmi Branch in Mumbai as early as 1989. 
  • In 1982 when it introduced the Health Code System, an innovative approach to evaluate and rate its credit portfolio.

Did You Know?

Bank of India (BoI) holds the status of being a founding partner of the Society for Interbank Financial Telecommunications Worldwide (SWIFT). This association actively advocates for the enhancement of cost-effective services for the processing and transmission of money.

What is the Mission of BOI?

The mission of BOI is to deliver exceptional and forward-thinking banking services to specialized markets worldwide by offering cost-efficient and responsive service to other sectors in our capacity as a development bank. Through these efforts, BOI aims to fulfill the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

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What is the Vision of BOI?

Furthermore, the Vision of BOI is to emerge as the preferred bank for corporate entities, medium-sized businesses, and high-end retail clients, while also focusing on encouraging development in small businesses, the mass market, and rural communities.

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