What is the Full Form of ABC?

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ABC Full Form; academic bank credits

The Full Form of ABC is Academic Bank of Credits. It is an online centralised credit bank system for students in India which the Government of India has initiated. Moreover, it helps in the seamless integration of experiences and skills into a Credit-based system. ABC takes control of credit accumulation and redemption, credit audit trail management, as well as credit accounting. The backbone of ABC is the National Academic Depository(NAD) as certificates and administration are issued at the behest of NAD. 

What is ABC in India?

The ABC as per the NEP 2020, has been created to encourage student’s academic mobility with the freedom to study at higher education institutions in India with an appropriate credit transfer system from one program to another. Thus, leading to the attainment of a degree, diploma, certificate, etc. However, it is to be noted that it can also only be possible if the institution and service are also Registered with the ABC. 

Additionally, the ABCs can only be deposited by the institution rather than the student, hence mandatory registration. The validation and storage of the credits will only be accepted by the ABC if the submission of credits is done by an authorised institution. 

Moreover, any student with a DigiLocker Account can create an ABC account. A student moving from one institution to another will transfer the accumulated credits to the new institution. ABC’s process is based on the 3 A’s which are Allocation, Accumulation and Awarding. 

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What are the Features of ABC?

The features of ABC are as follows:

  1. Credit recognition is done quickly.
  2. Student credits are confidential and authentic.
  3. The integrity of the credits is maintained by the recognised academic institution.
  4. The digital mode facilitates the ease of credit transfer.

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What are the Benefits of ABC?

In addition to the features, the Benefits of ABC are:

  • Students are allowed to change their institutions with ease.
  • Only recognised academic institutions are allowed to upload credits.
  • There is transparency in the entire process as well as facilitates the formation and growth of a more flexible procedure for curriculum development and design.
  • The minimum shelf life of student credit is 7 years.
  • There is the transfer of a student’s credit via a single system after the clearance of the source and destination academic institution.

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