What is the Full Form of PTC?

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PTC full form

The full form of PTC is Paid to Click. An internet advertising strategy known as “paid to click” tries to give viewers a share of the revenue generated by an advertisement. To display the advertisement, PTC websites receive payment from the marketers. It may be regarded as the simplest approach to making money online. A person needs a computer or laptop in addition to a fast internet connection.

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Other Full Forms of PTC

Another full form of PTC is Parametric Technology Corporation. A US-based software development company with a focus on 2D and 3D designing. Needham, Massachusetts, in the USA, serves as the company’s headquarters. Parametric Technology Corporation was the previous name of PTC Inc. 

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Other Full Forms of PTC

Another Full form of PTC is Power Trading Corporation. The largest power trader in India is PTC India Ltd. (formerly Power Trading Corporation). Public-private partnership (PPP) financing allowed for the establishment of the business in 1999. Its subsidiary PTC India Financial Services Ltd. provides financial instruments to encourage the nation’s electricity production, transmission, and distribution.

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