What is the Full Form of GD?

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GD full form

The full form of GD is General Duty. The general duty (GD) division of the Indian Army is where the actual defence soldiers, such as the rifleman, the land defence force, fighting troops, drivers, operators, gunners, etc., stay. It also covers operators, drivers, ordnance, general responsibilities, members of the Army Service Corps (ASC), and members of the Army Medical Corps (AMC).

What is the difference Between GD and FIR 

This is the basic difference between GD and FIR: 

When any type of complaint is made, the police record the information in their general diary (GD), also known as a daily diary.

An internal police record, the general diary entry

An FIR is filed by the police if they think there is prima facie proof of a cognizable offence being committed.

In the event of an FIR or an unidentifiable report,

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Qualities of GD

Here are a few qualities of General Duties: 

  • You can easily report your complaint to the police.
  • Find out the current status of your complaint.
  • It is possible to contact the complaint-investigating officer online.
  • By downloading your complaint (GD) from the internet, you can transmit it to anyone.

Importance of GD

The General Diary serves as a record of all significant events and transactions that occur in a police station, such as senior officers’ visits, the arrival and departure of police personnel, the transfer of authority, the arrest of a person, and more.

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Validity of GD

As far as a general diary is concerned, it is a true legal record. If the police think that an issue is not cognizable, they record it in their general journal as well as file an FIR in another register if further action needs to be done.

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