What is the Full Form of CFL?

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CFL full form

The full form of CFL is Compact Fluorescent Lamps. When compared to traditional or conventional incandescent lamps, CFLs are energy-saving lights that use considerably less energy. It is built of a glass tube and has two electrodes. Phosphorous is also put on the inner surface of the glass tube, which is filled with an argon gas and mercury vapour mixture. 

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History of CFL

The early fluorescent light was created in the late 1890s by Peter Cooper Hewitt. For photography, Cooper Hewitt lamps were used in studios and businesses. By Friedrich Meyer, Hans Spanner, and Edmund Germer in 1927, a high-pressure vapour lamp was patented. Later, George Inman worked with GE to create a functional fluorescent lamp that was first sold in 1938 and registered in 1941.  Round and U-shaped fluorescent lights were created to reduce the length of fluorescent light fixtures. The first fluorescent light bulb and fixture were displayed to the public at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. Engineer Edward E. Hammer of General Electric created the spiral CFL in 1976 as a response to the 1973 oil crisis. 

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How Does CFL Work?

CFLs have different lighting-generating routes than incandescent bulbs. A wire filament in a bright light conducts a current of electricity. The thread of the lamp is heated to produce light, and the filament glows as well. In a CFL, the current is transferred through a tube that includes a mixture of argon gas and mercury vapour. The UV light is produced when the mercury vapour is activated by the current.

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Advantages of CFL

  • It utilises between 60% and 80% less energy than incandescent lamps.
  • Because it uses less energy and lasts longer than standard lamps, it is significantly less expensive in the long run.
  • Because CFLs emit fewer CO2 emissions than incandescent lamps, it aids in reducing CO2 emissions.
  • CFLs are adaptable and very effective. To accommodate varied home decor and goals, they come in a range of sizes, shapes, and capacities.
  • They can also be used easily in a variety of lighting fixtures, such as table lamps, dimmer lamps, and ceiling lamps.
  • It produces less heat because a large portion of the energy is converted into visible light, which results in the transfer of significantly less heat.

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