What is the Full Form of BAE? Definition and Examples

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BAE Full Form

The full form of BAE is Before Anyone Else. As it suggests, this short form is used all over the internet to refer to someone who is important to you. It can be your friend, your spouse, your significant other, or your parents. BAE is an informal way of showing your love and admiration towards someone in an informal way while sending them a message or posting a picture. 

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When to Use BAE?

There can be different occasions when you can use the BAE slang such as:

  • Expressing love
  • Giving someone an affectionate nickname
  • Celebrating major milestones of your love life
  • Making someone feel loved  

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What is BAE Full Form in Education?

Apart from social media, BAE is also used as a short form for a few courses in the world of education. Popular examples include:

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Usage Examples of BAE Full Form

Here are a few examples of the correct usage of BAE on the internet:

  • I’m waiting for my BAE to come home so we can have a special date tonight.
  • Me and my BAE are planning a weekend getaway. It will be so much fun.
  • Food is my BAE.
  • I love you, BAE. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. 
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