What is the Full Form of INTERNET?

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internet full form

The full form of internet is an interconnected network. The interconnected network is essentially a collection of multiple computer nodes, as well as a mobile device, computer, and various servers, all working together to complete successful data transmission. It is now seen as a powerful aspect of technology that influences every level of human practice. It is also characterised as a global communication system that connects various devices or networks. To connect multiple networks, the Internet uses a parallel-machine method. The network generates numerous linkages or switches via internet facilities. These linkages or switches are critical for passing information from one node to another. 

This feature has the potential to improve people’s quality of life by allowing them to access everything more conveniently and effectively. As a result of the internet’s success, people’s knowledge-sharing and development improve. Furthermore, the Internet has made education, business, and innovation easier than ever before. Furthermore, this technology has recently gained popularity and is regarded as an excellent communication tool by more than 3 million users. 

Types of Internet

The Internet is primarily divided into two sorts based on its sources and connections. Direct networks and indirect networks are the two forms of Internet. A point-to-point network is available at different nodes of a direct network. This network is static, and it is fixed as a result of these connections. In the case of indirect networks, on the other hand, there is no definite connection between the nodes. The connection is updated dynamically based on the application’s needs. This type of network is further classified into three types: crossbar switches, bus networks, and multistage networks. 

In daily practice, the type of network or internet service is chosen based on the internet speed required. In recent years, there have been numerous methods for connecting devices such as laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, and many others. The following are some examples of internet connection types:

  • Mobile internet 
  • Wi-Fi hotspots facility 
  • Dial-up 
  • Digital subscriber line (DSL)
  • Broadband
  • Cable
  • Satellite

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