What is the Capital City of Nagaland?

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what is the capital city of Nagaland

The Capital City of Nagaland is Kohima. Moreover, Nagaland is part of the seven sisters in the northeastern part of India. However, most people believe that Dimapur is the capital of Nagaland. While Dimapur might be the commercial hub, Kohima is the administrative and political centre, hence having an important role in Nagaland’s governance. Read on to learn more in detail about what is the capital city of Nagaland, Kohima. 

What is the History of Kohima?

Kohima was initially known as Kewhira and was a village inhabited by the Angami Nagas. Moreover, the British renamed it Kohima during their colonial rule in India. 

  • Kohima had an important part in World War II, hence witnessing one of the fiercest battles fought between British and Japanese forces. 
  • Sadly, the Kohima War Cemetery is a reminder of this tragic chapter in history.
The Kohima War Cemetery is a reminder of the futility of war.
The Kohima War Cemetery is a reminder of the futility of war. 
  • After India’s independence, Kohima became the capital of the Naga Hills district within Assam. 
  • In 1963, Nagaland was granted statehood, and Kohima was officially set as Nagaland’s capital city. 
Angami Nagas in their traditional attires
Angami Nagas in their traditional attires. Source: Pinterest

Demography of Kohima

In the Capital City of Nagaland, Kohima’s population is 1,20,000. The Angami Nagas are the predominant indigenous group present in Kohima. 

  • However, due to its status as the Capital, Kohima attracts people from different tribes within Nagaland as well as other parts of India.
  • One of Kohima’s strengths is its priority on education. The city has a great literacy rate which exceeds 85%, therefore exceeding the national average. 

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Geography of Kohima 

The capital city of Kohima is amidst the foothills of the Japfu Peak which is a part of the Barail range. 

  • Kohima has a high elevation of around 1200 meters and thus has a cooler climate as compared to the Indian plains. 
  • Moreover, the terrain is mostly hilly, with scenic valleys and lush greenery adding to the city’s charm.
  • The summers are from April to June and are warm with occasional spells of rain, while winters are from December to February and are mild with comfortable temperatures.
  • The monsoon season is from July to September and brings moderate rainfall, thereby providing a break from the summer heat.
Kohima on the Map of India, capital of Nagaland
Kohima on the Map of India. Source: Google Maps 

Economy of Kohima 

Kohima does not have a massive GDP as compared to major Indian cities, however, the economy is steadily growing. The main sectors which contribute to Kohima’s economic development are as follows:

  • Education: Kohima is a major educational hub and attracts students from across the region. Therefore, this encourages a growing educational sector, with institutions like universities and colleges contributing to the economy.
  • Tourism: Kohima has natural beauty, a rich history, and a lively culture which makes it a popular tourist destination. Additionally, the tourism sector yields revenue through hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.
  • Trade and Commerce: The city is also a commercial centre for the surrounding areas, with local markets and businesses that cater to the needs of the population as well.

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Culture of Kohima

Let us get to know about the Culture of Kohima which is as lively and bright as their hills. 

  • The Hornbill Festival is a widely popular and premier festival that is held yearly in December. You can consider it a kaleidoscope of cultural performances, music, food stalls, and displays that show the heritage of Nagaland’s tribes.
Hornbill Festival in Nagaland
Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

  • Each Naga tribe has their unique dance form which usually depicts stories of their history, hunting prowess, or celebrations. 
  • Nagaland is famous for its beautiful handloom textiles, intricate wood carvings, and beautiful bamboo work. Moreover, Kohima is an epicentre for these artisans, hence giving us a peek into their skills and preserving their rich artistic traditions.
The famous Naga Shawl
The famous Naga Shawl
  • The Naga cuisine is a bold and flavorful adventure that one might expect. The main dishes feature smoked meats, fermented vegetables, and spices. Interestingly, rice is a staple food, while dishes like pork with bamboo shoots and smoked fish are popular delicacies.

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Facts about Kohima 

Take a look at these interesting facts about the Capital City of Nagaland, Kohima. 

  • As already mentioned, Kohima was the location of a critical battle during World War II. 
  • Neighbouring Kohima is the scenic village of Kisama. It is home to the Naga Heritage Village, which is a living museum showing traditional huts representing each Naga tribe. During the Hornbill Festival, Kisama becomes a lively hub of cultural activities.
A Hut in the Naga Heritage Village
A Hut in the Naga Heritage Village
  • Even though the Hornbill Festival is very famous, Kohima has many other festivals throughout the year and each with its unique customs and traditions. 
  • The Japfu Peak with its lush greenery and trekking trails, calls to adventure enthusiasts. Moreover, scenic viewpoints and serene valleys are ways to escape the urban hustle and bustle and immerse oneself in nature’s calmness.


What is the major city of Nagaland?

The major city of Nagaland is Dimapur, however, it is not the capital city of Nagaland. 

What is the old name of Nagaland?

The old name of Nagaland is Naga Hills. 

Which is the oldest district in Nagaland?

The oldest district of Nagaland is Kohima. 

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