What is the Full Form of LBS?

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There are two LBS full forms. One of the full forms of LBS is “Location-Based Service” and the other one is “a pound by weight.” In this small article, we will talk about these two full forms.

LBS: Meaning 1

LBS full form stands for the ancient Roman unit of measure  which means “a pound by weight.” It is the mass unit used in the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand. 

The weight of the body can be measured on different scales and different scales are used to measure different objects of various different sizes.

Pound is defined as the unit of weight of the object. Britain is where this type of weighing in pounds is generally being used. 

1 pound = 0.45 kilogrammes 

LBS: Meaning 2

LBS stands for Location Based Service. It is software used by mobiles to get the geographical location of the device. The GPS system in the device helps find the location of the person where the device is. The service provider tracks the location of the user where the device is, whenever the user avails of services, without any manual inputs.

LBS is used a lot on social networking sites. The other domains where it is used is entertainment, personal life, education, etc. For example: From a location, a person can search for hotels near him/her.

Methods of locating

  • Control Panel Locating: Finding a position based on the radio signal delay of the closest cell phone tower is made easy with control panel locating.
  • GSM Locating: GSM built-in mobile phones help in finding the location.
  • Self-reported Location: Locating oneself on the map is a self-reported location also known as check-in nowadays.


Location-based service or LBS is used in a variety of things nowadays:

  • In an emergency: The caller’s location will be found instantly by dialing the appropriate emergency number. LBS can be of great use in situations where the user is unable to reveal his position for any reason.
  • Navigation: This allows for the tracking of a user’s mobile location.
  • Social media: Users have the ability to check in, from which point they can tell their social media friends where they are.
  • Mobile location-based gaming: Games like My Town and City Secrets require players to check in with their location.
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