What is the Full Form of GOAT?

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GOAT Full Form

The full form of GOAT is the Greatest of All Time. This term is used to refer to an individual who is a pioneer in her/their/his field. This term is usually referred to an athlete or a sports personality or a musician who has a better performance than her/their/his teammates and peers. It is an American English slang that means the absolute best. 

Popularity of GOAT

The popularity of GOAT can be traced back to the 2000 music album ‘G.O.A.T’ by LL Cool J. This American rapper used this term in the lyrics- “I’m the G.O.A.T/ The Greatest of All Time (coo-coo, coo, Cool J)/The Greatest of All Time (LL)”. He stated that this slang would never have been coined without the great Muhammad Ali. 

Muhammad Ali is considered as the greatest of all time in Boxing. He had a very successful career. He retired from boxing in 1992 due to his deteriorating health conditions. In the same year, his wife Yolanda Williams also known as Lonnie Ali launched Greatest of All Time Inc to manage the copyrights of Muhammad Ali for commercial uses. 

In 2018, the slang GOAT was included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. This can be attributed to the exceptional football career of Tom Brady, an American football player. With the inclusion of this term and the surge in internet use, GOAT became a very popular term all over the world. 

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Examples of GOAT

Listed below are some of the greatest of all times in different types of sports:

Sports G.O.A.T
Lawn Tennis Roger Federer
MMA Jon Jones
Cricket Don Bradman
Boxing Muhammad Ali
Rugby Mal Meninga
Baseball  Babe Ruth
Golf Tiger Woods
American Football Tom Brady
Basketball Michael Jordan
Soccer Lionel Messi
Ice Hockey Wayne Gretzky
Swimming Michael Phelps
Sprinting Usain Bolt

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