What is the Full Form of SOR?

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The full form of SOR is system of record. In layman’s language, the SOR refers to an ingenious information storage and retrieval system that aids users in storing an extensive amount of data on a specific organizational system. Interestingly, the SOR can contain multiple data sources and store them at a single place or multiple locations while also providing remote access.

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Benefits of SOR

Businesses that often struggle with chaotic and unorganized data can use a system of record (SOR) to enjoy its many benefits such as:

  • It can automate different tasks that were earlier done manually. 
  • Users can enjoy a great Return on Investment.
  • SORs can improve data accuracy across the organization. 
  • It can streamline tasks and increase operational efficiency.
  • SORs can also reduce costs by knocking out the need to have multiple data storage systems. 
  • Businesses can also enjoy improved collaboration as well as enhanced data security. 

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Key Differences Between SOR and SOT 

Let us now look at the differences between SOR and SOT. 

Parameter SORSOT
Full form System of Record Source of Truth
Purpose It stores and manages all the critical data of an organization.SOT offers a centralised repository of up-to-date data. 
Access Access to SOR is typically restricted to authorized users. Access to SOT is generally open to all.
Examples SOR examples include Customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.SOT examples include data warehouse and data fabric. 

Other Full Forms of SOR 

  • Source of receipt
  • Schedule of rates
  • Smart order routing 
  • Sum of ratios 

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