What is the Full Form of NVM?

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The full form of NVM is Never Mind. Rather than speaking it out, this abbreviation is commonly used on various social media platforms in an informal conversational tone. NVM means that the previously sent SMS should be ignored or considered withdrawn from the ongoing conversation. This can be for various reasons such as you might have changed your mind about something or you might have found the answer you were looking for earlier. 

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Examples of NVM Full Form on Social Media

To help you understand this acronym and its usage better, here are some examples:

Person 1: Hey, do you wanna grab some coffee later and watch a movie? My parents aren’t home today.

Person 2: Year, sounds good! What time were you thinking?”

Person 1: Hold on, Nvm, something came up. Let’s catch up later. 

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What is Another Meaning of NVM?

Here are the other full forms of NVM in different contexts:

  • Not Very Much
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Node Version Manager
  • Night Vision Monocular

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