What is the full form of DML?

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The full form of DML is “Data Manipulation Language.” While the acronym itself may seem deceptively simple, its role in the world of data is nothing short of profound. What does that really mean?  DML can be seen as a way to manipulate data in order to create something new. By manipulating data in these ways, one can create new insights, solve problems, and make better decisions.

In a more literal sense, it is a set of commands that are used to interact with data in a database. These commands are typically written in a programming language, such as SQL.

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The most common commands are:

  • INSERT: This command is used to add new data to a database table.
  • UPDATE: This command is used to modify existing data in a database table.
  • DELETE: This command is used to remove data from a database table.
  • SELECT: This command is used to retrieve data from a database table.

Usage of DML

The commands can be used to perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Adding new customers to a customer database.
  • Updating the price of a product in an inventory database.
  • Deleting a user account from a website database.
  • Retrieving the contact information for all customers in a certain state.

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So, the next time you encounter the term “DML,” remember that it represents the art and science of data control, a dynamic language that helps to gain insights, make informed decisions, and navigate the ever-expanding area of data-driven possibilities. DML is the key that unlocks the door to a world of data manipulation, where information becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes power.

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