6 Things to Know About Student Life in London

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Student Life in London

Student life in London can be very overwhelming when you first arrive but the possibilities for fun and friendship as well as improving your education and career are practically endless. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to research and work in the UK capital; do not let it pass you by. Here are a few tips for making the most of your time in “the world’s most influential city”.


Your visa is the most important thing to figure out. You are not expected to have a study visa if you are a student coming from an EU country. A Tier 4 Student Visa will likely be required for international students coming from outside the EU. These documents are fairly clear, but do not hesitate to ask the student services of your university for assistance. Be sure to remember this while applying for your visa if you want to raise some extra money while studying. EU students may work as many hours as they want, while non-EU students are limited to working 20 hours per week.

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Many colleges have a guide book explaining different options for student housing, so this will help you narrow down your choices. Similar to American dormitories, halls are the most common form of accommodation. There are catering halls where all services, including dining facilities, are part of the kit. You may also choose self-catering halls, where you are responsible for your own meals, but you still have the sociable element of living with others. Choosing accommodation that fits your personality and lifestyle is crucial. 


London has a temperate climate with mild winters and significant rainfall throughout the year. Therefore, you must carry an umbrella and warm clothing. The country experiences the maximum temperature during july and minimum temperature during January. 


Cost of books and stationery can really add up to the budget. The cheapest choice is obviously to take materials from the library; however, it is impossible that 100 copies of Dante’s Inferno would be accessible even in the best libraries. Look in advance at the course material offered by your professor and consider purchasing books from second-hand or online bookshops.

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By setting up a UK bank account, you save yourself the headache of foreign currency charges and complicated billing systems. In order to open a new account in London, you have to provide address proof to the bank. You can submit a copy of a bill from both your permanent and current address. If you can’t find a bill for your current address then seek help from your housing provider. 

Apart from that, you need your acceptance letter to the bank as a proof of your student status. Bank officials can set up a small interview to check your credit status. 

Student accounts also have outstanding advantages, including a bonus for joining. While this may not be open to some foreign students, many are often fitted with an interest-free overdraft.

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Make sure to get a student Oyster card for yourself. It is a contactless travel card that can be used on underground, overground and bus services in London and provides cheap travel for students. The best thing about this student exclusive card is that it has your name and photo, so if you lose it, money can be transferred easily. 

If you intend to fly across the UK (and you really should), an investment in a 16-25 Railcard is also worthwhile. On the Megabus and National Express coach services, you will also find some fantastic travel offers. And a month in advance, purchasing tickets will make the difference between a £ 10 ticket and a £ 90 ticket.

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