Study Abroad: Germany to streamline visa process with an APS System to speed up the admission process

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Due to Indian students’ increasing preference for studying in Germany, the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) was established in India.

The number of English-language degrees offered by German universities is rising, making the nation a popular choice for Indian study abroad aspirants. The nation, which is located in the center of Europe, also provides a distinctive research ecosystem, with partnerships between universities and businesses as well as highly regarded colleges of applied sciences. 

Nearly 35,000 students from India alone have studied in Germany, making them the second-largest study abroad aspirants behind Americans. This pattern demonstrates the breadth of German-Indian scientific collaboration. Innovating research is being conducted at German universities and research centres by a large number of Indian PhD students.

The rise in applications for German student visas brought forth new administrative difficulties. The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) was brought to India on October 1, 2022, in order to streamline and facilitate the visa application procedure and the verification of academic credentials of study abroad applicants.

The German Academic Exchange Service and the Federal Republic of Germany’s Embassy in New Delhi collaborate to provide services through the Academic Evaluation Centre (DAAD). By validating their documents, it makes it easier for Indian students to gain admission to German universities. Earlier, an announcement was made that India is in talks to promote vocational education. Interestingly, it was reported that a large number of study abroad aspirants extend their stay in Germany for a longer period of time, contributing to the country’s labor market.
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