World Wave Program becomes saviour for international students

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World Wave Program becomes saviour for international students
The program pairs each overseas student with a Pepperdine student who acts as a mentor and aids in their adjustment.

According to Cory Robertson, associate director of student success and program leader, The World Waves Program, an elective fall program in its second year of operation, is assisting all international students in adjusting to the new culture during their first semester at Pepperdine.

The program’s main objective is to provide students with an unforgettable experience that will help them integrate more quickly into a new environment, culture, and language in order to broaden the Pepperdine community.

Source: Pepperdine University Graphic

Everything Fan Zhang, a second foreign student from Enshi, China, who was also a part of the World Waves program last year, learned is evident in his comments. Zhang exclaimed that she had the chance to interact with other international students at Pepperdine and also learned about American culture and other languages there. She added that enrolling in the program had been the best choice she had made so far.

Zhang, who is extremely aware of the conflicted emotions that many international students go through, can gain from participating in and socializing with the Pepperdine Community in various ways.

When she thought back on her participation in the program the year before, she said, “I received an incredible opportunity to experience many activities and outings, such as a visit to SunLife toward the end of the semester. She is grateful for connecting with all her amazing international peers, which makes the stay more memorable.

In addition to the international students taking part in the program in its second year, professors will also be a part of it this time. By giving students a chance to immerse themselves in local culture and engage in novel experiences, Brian Newman, who teaches HUM 295—Enriching the International Experience—states that the course’s objective is to enhance students’ time at Pepperdine and in the US. 

The greatest and most fulfilling aspect of the program, according to Newman, is the way students interact with and benefit from learning from one another.

Students at Pepperdine who are interested in participating as student partners can contact via email or Instagram.

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