Study abroad: An Indian student bagged 5,000 Pounds worth of scholarship from a top UK university

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An Indian student received a scholarship for this study abroad program worth 5,000 Pounds. A top university in the UK has offered him this scholarship.

An Indian student, who lives in Bengaluru, has bagged a scholarship worth 5000 Pounds. This scholarship is not only great in terms of the amount covered but also the name of the university behind it.

This prestigious scholarship will help the student pursue his study abroad dream. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who are pursuing any of the 23 subjects from the University of Dundee, UK.

Rajvir Singh, who is pursuing his undergraduate program in Psychology and French at the University of Dundee, UK, will receive the 2022 Jainti Dass Saggar Memorial Scholarship for his utmost academic excellence. The primary objective of this scholarship is to help a student who has the capability of giving back to society.

This award, which is awarded to one brilliant student from India each year, honours the memory of the first non-white politician of Scotland, Jainti Dass Saggar, who came from Punjab to the University of Dundee 100 years ago.

Back then, Saggar used to implement his medical education so that he can make people living in the City of Dundee healthier. He also served as the city counsellor for Dundee more than 17 years. He passed away in 1954.

Rajvir Singh, who showcased his thanks and gratuity after receiving the scholarship, stated that he chose this course due to his personal experience with different types of mental health conditions.

He also stated that he always wanted to pursue higher education in psychology, just like other people. He also has struggled with mental health problems. Even though there are supports available in India to treat mental health conditions, the social stigma attached to it prevents people from seeking proper help. The Saggar Scholarship will undoubtedly help him achieve his dream.

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