The Silver Lining to Online Learning & Future Careers!

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This year has been truly a rollercoaster from the first surprising wave of everyone struggling to understand the technicalities of the virtual classrooms in March, to presently getting habituated to waking up and attending lectures/working. Despite the difficulties and challenges posed by online learning, the advantages of this are definitely long-termed. It is helping us build expertise in the skills that will be of utmost importance in the near future. Skills like organizational awareness, emotional intelligence, self-discipline, and technical knowledge are required for almost every job. Students are practising these skills and getting a hands-on learning experience right from their adolescence. This will help them develop and enhance these skills efficiently and ease their chances of getting hired. Let’s explore the silver linings brought by online learning to your future career!

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The Effects of Virtual Jobs

Even though it is much in force currently, many people were already working from home even before the lockdown. According to the International Workforce Group in 2018, 70% of people globally remotely worked at least once every week, and 53% worked in an unconventional workspace at least half of the week. These changing trends have modified various attitudes to the traditional 9-5 jobs and helped employees work more flexibly. Companies across the world have encouraged employees to productively work from home. Thus, future careers are going to be more adjusted to the present situation. 

Richard Lobo, the executive Vice-president and Head HR at Infosys stated, “For now all the roles except the ones that require a high level of network bandwidth access or are in environments that need extra security protocols will continue to work from home.” He is confident that this will lead to the creation and maintenance of thousands of hi-tech home offices in the future.

By 5 June 2020, 82% of 200 US business leaders said they plan to give employees the option of working from home at least part of the time after the pandemic and 47% reported that they will offer to telecommute 100% of the time.

Apart from employees, the August 2020 IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study discovered that 67% of US respondents prefer to work from home, at least some of the time. 50% of respondents mentioned that they want it to be their primary way of working when the pandemic ends.

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The “New Collar” jobs

White-collar jobs were the first to offer this flexible benefit of working from anywhere and overlooking geographical boundaries. However, the new emergence of ‘New Collar Jobs’ has taken over which include telecommuting that offer various opportunity to expand accessibility to booming and profitable future careers. These New collar jobs give employees the advantage of working virtually and can operate from any country. Members from the team can form virtual groups and conduct meetings, researches and analysis online by using resources like AI and cloud. They can conduct presentations online and develop skills and become more adaptable and proactive.

No matter how advanced and tech-savvy our world gets, it cannot fulfil or reach the grave vantage of the physical world. Humans are social animals, not virtually social animals. Students are unable to understand complex topics that cause a strain on the parents, who are already pretty occupied with their work and it eventually spirals down to the whole point of admitting your child to a school. Students without the connection or essential facilities are left unattended that can deeply hamper their educations and career. 

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Until the lockdown resolves various schools and organizations can surely avail the benefits of the virtual classrooms but must not compromise on the health of students and employees. Keep watching this space as Leverage Edu brings you the latest news updates on education and careers from around the world! Don’t forget to check out our exclusive reads on top courses, universities and careers you can capture!

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