The Best Binge-Watch Worthy Series for Learning English

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Best Series to Learn English

You may believe that sitting in front of the television is not the most productive method to work. But what if we tell you that you can improve your English just by watching TV series all day? There are numerous TV series including American sitcoms as well as British serials that you can binge-watch and better your English at the same time! This is because you will get to hear native speakers speak in their native tongue, following along with some intriguing plots, and pick up a lot of new vocabulary along the way! This blog brings you the best series for learning English that you should start watching right away!


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Language Level: Easy

The first in our list of the best series for learning English is undoubtedly F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Almost everyone is familiar with Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe, the iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast. This sitcom follows a group of twenty-something New Yorkers. It ran for ten incredible seasons and is packed with wit and laughter. It’s ideal for a laid-back evening. This series is recommended since the plots are simple and the conversation is often calm and pleasant to listen to. It’s useful for familiarising yourself with common speech patterns and sentence structures. Despite the fact that the show’s humour is often based on wordplay, you can still follow the plot and have a good time while watching it.

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How I Met Your Mother

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Language Level: Easy

The second in our list of the best series for learning English is HIMYM! This sitcom, which is similar to F.R.I.E.N.D.S in many aspects, is a more modern version that has been hugely successful. It’s about a group of New York pals but it’s also about relationships, partying, and so on. The actors bring their characters to life, and they’re always getting themselves into trouble. The English language is not as difficult as it is with friends (although there is a lot of slang). You’ll learn a lot of useful words that you can use in social situations. You’ll also want to watch every episode to find out how he met their mother for the first time!

The Big Bang Theory

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Language Level: Intermediate

The next in our list of the best series for learning English is HIMYM! The Big Bang Theory is a very contemporary and entertaining show. You’ll have plenty of English to keep you occupied. This American television comedy revolves around a group of four scientists (okay, nerds) and their next-door neighbor, a beautiful wannabe actress. Even in English, the characters are lovable, and it’s easy to follow up with their everyday exploits. The series’ language is quite accessible, the speech is clear, and the subjects are interesting. Despite the fact that they use a lot of technical jargon, they don’t expect even “average” viewers to comprehend it all, so you won’t feel left out.

The Office

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Language Level: Easy

The next in our list of the best series for learning English is The Office! We’re talking about the American sitcom based on the same-named British series. Steve Carell, who plays the arrogant (and sometimes ridiculous) boss, frequently steals the show. The sitcom is staged to look like a documentary. A film crew arrives 24 hours a day to document the company’s workplace activity. Everyone on the team is aware that they are being filmed. The Office’s English is quite basic, but the premise of the show is incredibly entertaining. As a result, you become quickly addicted and study English on a daily basis without even realizing it! 201 episodes, each 22 minutes long… that’s hours of studying!

Grey’s Anatomy

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Language Level: Intermediate to Upper-intermediate

The next in our list of the best series for learning English is Grey’s Anatomy! Meredith Grey, a surgeon in resident at the made-up Seattle Hospital, is the Grey in the title. The stories of patients and doctors are swapped throughout the series. Slowly but steadily, we discover more about each employee and their interactions with one another. Obviously, there is a lot of medical and scientific vocabulary in a show like this. Even native English speakers may struggle to comprehend most of this jargon. There are many idiomatic expressions in addition to the specialist vocabulary. But, a great series to learn the language!

Malcolm in the Middle

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Language Level: Easy

The next in our list of the best series for learning English is Malcolm in the Middle! An average American family is the subject of this sitcom. It’s a fun program with a lot of jokes and interesting plot lines. Malcolm, the middle child, has a genius-level IQ, thus it’s named after him. He’s known to have a superiority complex, which is frequently the source of his problems. Malcolm in the Middle is a lighthearted sitcom with uncomplicated plots and a lot of visual humor. As a result, it’s a great show for beginners learning English because it’s not too difficult to follow. Furthermore, the humorous script will keep you entertained and wanting more.

That 70’s Show

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Language Level: Easy

The next in our list of the best series for learning English is That 70’s Show! The series follows the exploits, or rather the day-to-day lives, of a group of young people in the 1970s. In this entertaining and fascinating American television show, love, drugs, friendship, and high school years are all discussed. All of the characters have distinct personalities, which contributes to the show’s dynamism. The series covers a variety of topics, allowing you to expand your English vocabulary in these areas. You’ll mostly hear accessible and understanding “every day” terminology. 

The Crown

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Language Level: Upper-Intermediate

Another British blockbuster drama on Netflix is The Crown, which covers the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The story begins six years before her coronation, in 1947. The first of the six episodes depicts Elizabeth’s final years as a princess and the first year of her rule as queen. Because the accents are clearly British (received pronunciation), this show is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about conventional British English. The atmosphere is more formal, and the language is less informal, but it’s still a great chance to learn about Britain’s history and current monarch.


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Set in the intellectual world of lawyers, Suits is definitely a binge-watch for those wanting to learn English to enter the corporate world. Moreover, the plot of the TV series ironically revolves around a lie that can make or break the life of one of the key characters. You will surely fall in love Harvey Specter’s one-liners, Donna’s intuitively insightful character, Meghan Markle’s portrayal as a headstrong paralegal and the character of Mike Ross stealing the limelight!

This is Us

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One of the best American drama series for learning English, ‘This is Us’ is a show that you can watch with your family and relate to every character that this wonderful show has woven! With a gripping story of three twins and their parents, the show covers the much-debate issue of parenting and Jack and Rebecca’s story of raising three kids makes up the core of this show. If you are learning American English and want to binge-watch a show while doing so, then pick up This is US, and thank us later!

Thus, these are some truly binge-worthy series for learning English that can help you boost your vocabulary and pronunciation! Are you preparing for IELTS? Sign up for a free demo session with Leverage Live and learn from the best industry mentors and subject experts that can train you to achieve your dream score! Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such awesome reads!

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