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Masters of Science in Data Science is one of the most popular courses pursued by students. London offers MSc Data science as a course-based postgraduate degree in more than 15 prestigious institutes. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of this course is its availability. A full-time degree is for 1 year and a part-time degree is for 2 years. A big-aged master in data information from UK schools will require a foreign scholar anywhere around 23,000 to 25,000 GBP per year. This will be comparable to INR 23,60,000 to INR 25,70,000 per annum for an Indian candidate proposing to engage in education courses in the UK. 

Msc Data Science in London

Masters in Data Science demonstrates how to analyse a comprehensive collection of knowledge and obtain appropriate experiences from it. This register still concentrates on carrying out the obtained data for the payoff of the organisation or patient. Pupils enrolled in masters in data science in the UK get in-bottom learning and techniques in Computational data interpretation, Structure culture, Numerical foundations of data interpretation, Penetrating full-adjusted phenomena interpretation, Finding out the humane circulates in the treatment of data information facilities, and establishing independent data education predicts.

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Why Pursue Studies in London?

London is one of the most sought after student destinations for higher education. Here are the reasons why:

  • In the UK, the call for  Data Scientists and Data Engineers increased by 231% in the early five seasons. 
  • It has published support of 13 Million GBP in AI, Data Analytics, and associated estimates. 
  • We have carried out a 45 million GBP property to 200 Ph.D. programs in AI and applied handling, indicating that Ph.D. in the UK in AI and related fields like data science, valuable data, etc is sharper than it usually is. 
  • The average income of Data Science ranks multiplied by 5% from 50,800 GBP in 2013 to over 116,000 GBP at performing. 
  • Home to AI and Big Data run companies like DeepMind, Benevolent AI, Exotic, and FIVEaa and Alan Turing Set up, makes the UK one of the finest class terminals for messages education courses. 
  • The greatest development of 35% in wages of Data Comes up with in the UK was still looked at in the account put out by the Royal Institute.

Eligibility Criteria for MSc Data Science in London

If you want to qualify for Data science in London then you must qualify the following eligibility requirements;

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or relevant discipline.
  • You must have 2:1 undergraduate degree and must have scored a minimum 60% at bachelor’s level for an international degree.
  • GRE is not required for admission in MSc Data science
  • You must require English proficiency test scores.

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Admission Deadlines for MS in Data Science

Before deciding to start your application process for the course, always go through the deadlines for intakes.

University Application Deadline
King’s College London March 26
University of Edinburgh January 31, March 31, June 30
University of Southampton January 14, March 18, May 20
Lancaster University September 4

Top Colleges in London for Data Science

Imperial College London

Credits: Imperial College London

Imperial College London is located in South Kensington Campus, London, United Kingdom. Moreover, it has managed to rank 7th in the QS World University Rankings. This public institution has managed to give a very high research output and a student-faculty ratio of 5:1. It provides students with a plethora of courses to choose from and one of the main attractions is Msc Data science. It rewards students with an array of scholarships and admits over 11143 international students in 2022. Furthermore, it so accepts TOEFL, IELTS like exams. 

University College London

Credits: University College London

University College London was founded in 1826 and was named London University because of the inspirational ideas of Jeremy Bentham, UCL was the first university institution to be established in London. Moreover, University College London is the first entirely secular university in England enabling every student to study. University College London, a public research university in London, United Kingdom is also a member of the Federal University of London. Thus UCL with the help of total enrollment which comprises more postgraduates is the second-largest university in the United Kingdom. 

King’s College London (KCL)

Credits: King’s College London

King’s College London in Strand Campus, London United Kingdom has secured 35th position in the QS World University Rankings. King’s College London is a public institution with a very high research output rate with a student-faculty ratio of 7:1. International students are awarded a plethora of scholarships to help them with their financial needs. 

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Credits: LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science is located in strand Campus, London, United Kingdom. It has managed to secure the 35th position at QS World University Rankings. Due to its very high research output and an amazing student-faculty ratio of 7:1 it has managed enrollment of more than 15,075 international students. 

Queen Mary University of London

Credits: Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London is located in Mile End Campus, London United Kingdom. It has scored 117 in the QS World University due to its very high research output and a commendable student-faculty ratio of 9:1. Moreover, it also awards many amazing scholarships to help international students. 

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Specializations Available for MSc Data Science in London

Following are some of the most popular specializations available in Data Science across universities in London

  • Machine learning
  • Simulation
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Network Theory
  • Pattern Recognition, Neural Network, and Deep Learning
  • Nature-Inspired Learning Algorithms
  • Elements of Statistical Learning
  • Statistics in Finance

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Living and Studying Cost in London

The allover spendings for your study abroad venture to London can be divided into these three categories:

Pre-Arrival Cost

Before starting your academic session here is a list of spendings you need to make.

Type of Expenses Cost 
Application Fee INR 2000 – INR 5000
IELTS Registration Fee INR 17,583
TOEFL (iBT) Registration Fee INR 16,177 – INR 25,421
UK Student Visa Fee INR 32,354
Airfare INR 44,110 – INR 55,263

Tuition Fees for MSc Data Science in London

For masters in data science, there are many affordable options in London. The average tuition fee for universities in London is around GBP 23,000 – GBP 25,000, while the University of Edinburgh provides the costliest course for Data Science at GBP 32,500. 

Cost of Living in UK

The following table provides detailed information of all the common living expenses while pursuing a masters in London.

Particulars Monthly Costs
Rent INR 54,961
Food INR 20,095
Gas and Electricity INR 6,028
Internet INR 4,019
Mobile Phone INR 3,014
Laundry INR 2,511
Stationery and Textbooks INR 4,019
Clothing INR 7,535
Travel (buses, trams, and trains) INR 9,043
Movie Ticket INR 904
Dinner at Restaurant INR 1,507

Scholarships for MSc Data Science in London

Here is a list of some of the best scholarships you as a student can get access to while applying for a Data Science course in London.

Scholarship Eligibility Award
John Fisher High Performance (HPC) Scholarships 60% or above in bachelors; Enrollment in School of Informatics master’s program 50% or tuition fee waiver
Kings International Scholarship Enrollment in postgraduate INR 25,11,960
GREAT Scholarship Masters student from China, India, Malaysia Varies
Think Big Postgraduate Scholarship Enrollment in postgraduate  INR 5,02,392, INR 10,04,784, INR 20,09,568
College of Science and Engineering Scholarship Enrollment in postgraduate INR 10,04,784
Birmingham Masters Scholarship Scheme Enrollment in masters INR 2,00,956
Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarships Enrollment in masters Tuition fee waiver
University’s Masters Scholarships Enrollment in a taught masters program INR 5,02,392
Chancellor’s International Scholarship An international student enrolled in a masters program Tuition fee waiver

Other popular courses provided by the universities in London are:

Name of the university Name of the course  Average fees 
Imperial College London  MSc Health Data Analytics & Machine Learning 35,60,000
King’s College London  MA Big Data in Culture & Society 26,55,000
University of Leeds MSc Health Data Analytics  23,00,000
Brunel University London MSc Data Science & Analytics 19,28,000
Anglia Ruskin University MSc AI & Big Data 14,10,000

Job Prospects

Detailed information on some of the most popular jobs after the completion of a data science course can be found below.

Designation Responsibility Role
Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts Create sophisticated analytical models used to build new datasets and derive new insights from data Data Scientist; Biostatistician; Statistician; Economist; Data Engineer; Financial Quantitative Analyst
Analytics Managers Oversee analytical operations and communicate insights to executives Marketing Analytics Manager; Chief Analytics Officer 
Data Analysts Leverage data analysis and modelling techniques to solve problems and glean insight across functional domains  Data Analyst Business; Intelligence Analyst
Data Systems Developers Design, build and maintain an organization’s data and analytical infrastructure Systems Analyst; Database Administrator 
Data-Driven Decision Makers Leverage data to inform strategic and operational decisions IT Project Manager; Marketing Manager
Functional Analysts  Utilize data and analytical models to inform specific functions and business decisions Financial Analyst; Business Analyst 

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