What is a Deemed University?

Meaning of Deemed University

Universities are the backbone of higher education worldwide. They prepare you for the final steps towards a bright future. Every year, senior secondary students pass their 12th board examinations and dream of getting admission to the college of their choice. But, how do you differentiate between colleges and universities? How do you further differentiate between the different kinds of universities? We are here to help you understand the meaning of deemed university.

Meaning of Deemed University- The Definition 

According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, a university is ‘deemed to be a university’ once approved by the UGC. This decision is taken by the central government, on suggestion by the UGC. The meaning of deemed university is, having the option of designing its course structure by itself. A deemed university is not associated with the state and is given the ‘deemed to be university’ tag after a thorough analysis. People regard deemed university as the ones which have better infrastructure and facilities. Deemed universities have designed courses to help you develop various skills and have knowledge in subjects that are more industry oriented.

Meaning of Deemed University- How is it Categorized?

There are few steps followed for the UGC to award a university a ‘deemed to be university’ tag. These steps are:

  • The said university should have been awarded the highest score by the NAAC and in some cases by the NBA for consecutive five cycles. In case of the NBA, the credits should be awarded for all eligible courses. The university can also aim for NAAC/NBA’s highest category during application time or grab a position amongst the 100 of National ranking Framework ranking list. 
  • The university should meet all the criteria of a good university in terms of academics, teaching methods, research facilities, etc.
  • The university should be awarding undergraduate as well as 5 post graduate degrees for 3 years in succession.
  • The university should be involved in various research and scholarly activities, along with different publication works. Faculty of Humanities should have minimum 10 publications, faculty of engineering and medicine should have a minimum of 15 publications in journals referred by UGC, per year.
  • The university should have numerous full-time teaching staff for both teaching and research activities, as per the UGC guidelines.
  • The university should have proper infrastructure and facilities for research and data purposes. 
  • The university should have records of being privy to funding from various private/public agencies for different research purposes.
  • The university should be engaged in social engagement and extension services, officially.
  • The university should accept not to offer distance learning program.

These are some of the rules that the deemed universities follow, which is why these universities are considered different from state as well as private universities. 

The Meaning of Deemed University- Why is It Better Than The Rest?

The UGC tag over your university is a privilege, the meaning of a deemed university is that the  university was awarded for the remarkable performance on the basis of their educational and research parameters. When pursuing higher educations all the universities are equal, but when it comes to specialisation and research purposes, a deemed university is regarded as the first choice due to the facilities, teaching staff and course structure. 

The meaning of deemed university is in simple terms being awarded a title for being one of the best in their field. We at Leverage Edu understand that you want to be part of the best institutes for your education and with the help of our experts that dream can become a reality.

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