Learn about Various Career Opportunities

Learn about Various Career Opportunities
Learn about Various Career Opportunities

Welcome to Leverage Edu, your one-stop destination for solutions to all your problems related to education, career and future goals. We are proud to say that Leverage Edu is an AI-enabled marketplace and one of India’s fastest-growing ed-tech companies. We as an organisation believe in our potential to solve the problems of students/youth and leverage them that guidance and help related to education and career choices, that they are eagerly looking for. We are indeed transforming access to higher education and accelerating exponential career growth, by democratizing mentorship, breaking traditional systems, and helping the new student of today jump over the artificial high walls! The platform brings together 700+ mentors from around the world, who hail from top global colleges like Stanford, NYU, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Harvard, and wide-varying experience centres like Goldman Sachs, Apple, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon, Facebook, McKinsey & Co., Tesla, and more. After successful admissions, we also help our students with exclusive scholarships, industry’s best educational loans, help on accommodation, forex/VISA, and more. When a career starts, an entire family’s life skyrockets. Being able to do that for more than a million families over the next couple of years is what we’ve set our eyes on! We welcome you at Leverage Edu to build your Career with us. Get in touch with us at +91-8826200293 and book a free e-meeting.

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