How We Got an 8 IELTS Band #SecretsRevealed

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How We Got an 8 IELTS Band

One of the most popular English language tests is IELTS, it is globally accepted by top-ranked universities in the world and for a different country visa. IELTS has four modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. With an 8+ IELTS band students don’t face any problems in securing admission to their dream university or Visa. Getting a band score of 8 in IELTS is an accomplishment and there are many things in mind to get this score. To make sure you don’t miss out on any essential details, we have curated a video where students of Leverage Live with Purti Chawla- IELTS Manager will spill the secrets tips and tricks to get an 8 IELTS band. 


Coming to the speaking section of the IELTS, if you have a natural flair or know how to communicate well with people, speaking should not be an issue for you. However, if you are not as confident as you should be, the best tip is to practice more and more. You can take sessions from our coaches or practice with your family and friends. Another common mistake people make is focusing too much on vocabulary and forgetting about the content they need to communicate. The best strategy is to develop a natural flow and learn as many words as possible because knowing the meaning of different words and how to use them in various situations will make our speaking come naturally.

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When it comes to reading, you must be focused and patient when tackling this portion. But don’t worry, we’ve addressed your queries and assisted you. To begin, a good suggestion from one of our students is to read the questions first and highlight the major keywords. That’s how you’ll be able to finish it faster and it’s an easier approach. 

Academic passages as we all know, are extensive since they are derived from sources where you may be unfamiliar with the subject matter. So if you waste your time in reading the passage first and after then because you go through the questions you will have to come back again to find out the answers very time-consuming. You cannot memorize everything so don’t start with the reading of the passage but go through the questions first. 

Now coming to questions understanding which questions are in sequence immensely helps you to narrow down the text that you have to read for example the first answer would be initially not always in the first paragraph but it could be in the second paragraph as well but you have to run your eyes through the initial part of the passage where you will find your answers to conclude that all of your questions like (True-False, Fill In The Blanks, Summary Completion, MCQ, Table Diagram) all of them are in sequence by knowing this you can save up time from these questions and use it later for the other ones which you know do take more time. To understand the sequence, prepare a strategy and don’t get lost in the passage. Focus on the questions first.

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So what IELTS does is they take out certain statistics where they tell on average how many students are there and what are they getting in terms of bands. So writing is one area that is the weakest for most students because what they do is just write whatever they know regarding the topic just to fill the pages but that’s not what IELTS wants. Instead, they want you to write is a formally point to point precise answers and not try to assess what you know about the topic so there are certain descriptors that IELTS provide you with which you will have to follow if you don’t they are not going to give you good band score no matter how well you think you might have written 

Coming to the essay it has to be written in a certain manner and in certain paragraphs, you can’t change them on your own. Every paragraph needs to be organized in an appropriate order. So practice more and more to improve your structure. and do note that 25% of your score depends on how you organize your answer and how you link ideas together 

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