9 January: IELTS Listening Topics- Listening Task 1 (Multiple Choice Questions)

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Listening Task 1 (Multiple Choice Questions)

Listen to the audio below and answer the following multiple-choice questions to boost your listening skills 👇.

Before answering these questions look at the instructions and techniques mentioned below in the PDF 👇.

Multiple Choice Questions

Following are the multiple choice questions for the IELTS listening section:

  1. Ann wanted to carry out a survey on

A. television watching and reading ability

B. link between fast-food restaurants and fat students

C. relationship between fat students and junk food

  1. What did John want to show his graph to the class?

A. reading level on the X axis

B. TV watching time on the X axis

C. reading level on the Y axis

  1. How many people per group did John take into his survey?

A. 20 

B. 100 

C. More than 100 

4. In his survey outcomes, John found out that

A. reading level and watching time are the same in all group

B. reading level and watching time are inversely proportional

C. younger people read less than older ones

5. According to John’s graph

A. there was a huge discrepancy between the youngest groups and the oldest groups

B. reading level and watching time in all age groups

C. the elderly and teenagers in terms of reading and watching

6. Which conclusion did John draw from his survey?

A. the elderly’s watching time has not changed

B. the elderly’s reading levels have not changed

C. the teenager’s reading levels stay the same

Look at the correct answers to these multiple-choice questions in the PDF given below👇.

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