How to Calculate Percentage of Marks?

How to Calculate Percentage of Marks

A lot of our school life and beyond is invested in making plans to score high marks to fetch a better percentage. The percentage that one score determines the career paths available for the candidate like stream one would get in class XIth, the college, the course etc. But have you ever thought about how percentage being such a crucial part of your career, is calculated? It is an expression of a number in terms of fractions of 100. For all the students out there, wondering about how to calculate percentage of marks, here is a blog which aims to shed light on the same procedure!

What is the Percentage?

Percentage means to express a number or ratio in the form of fractions of 100. In simpler words percentage can be determined as, how much of one entity is made by the other entity and it is calculated in relation to 100. Commonly, it is denoted with the sign ‘%’. Generally, the abbreviations used to denote it are ‘pc’ or ‘pct’.

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Are struggling regarding how to calculate the percentage of marks? You must begin by understanding the various elements of the percentage formula. It is quite simple to apprehend it, in order to calculate the percentage, the formula is equal to the ratio of the real value to the total value multiplied by 100. After the analysis, now let us have a look at the formula of percentage:

Percentage (%)=   (Quantity x 100)/ Total Quantity 

Now that you have a basic idea about how to calculate percentage of marks, below mentioned are some common variations of the above-mentioned formulas which may help you calculate your marks is some special cases. 

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Percentage Increase

This formula can be put into use when the new value is greater than the original value. As there are changes in the elements, there will be a change in the percentage as well. Observe the formula mentioned below:

Percentage Increase (% Increase)=   (Increase in Quantity x 100)/ Total Quantity 
Here, Increase in Quantity=  New Quantity- Original Value

Percentage Decrease

Using the percentage decrease formula, you can solve all your queries about how to calculate percentage of marks. The appropriate situation wherein you can use this formula is when the quantity is less than the original quantity. Her is the formal=ula for the same:

Percentage Decrease (% Decrease)=   (Decrease in Quantity x 100)/ Total Quantity
Here, Decrease in Quantity=  Original Value – New Quantity

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How to calculate Percentage of Any Number

Converting marks into percentage gets easier while using the above-mentioned formula. Make sure that you jot down the marks carefully as discrepancies in the entries will provide you with wrong percentage or an invalid answer. Following are the two main methods you can opt to calculate the percentage:

Fraction Form

If in any case, you are provided with a data set wherein the final quantity of the after addition of all the entries come out to be in a fraction. Then, firstly, convert the number  into decimal form and then multiply with 100 the total value

Decimal Form  

When the final quantity is given in the decimal form, it is easier to calculate the answer. Thus, to obtain the percentage of a given number, multiply the given number by 100.

For example: How to calculate the percentage of 0.78= 0.78x 100= 78%

How to Calculate Percentage of Marks

By now you are equipped with the procedure to find out the percentage of a given number. Now let us look upon how to calculate percentage of marks. To find your percentage acquired in the examination, you would have to divide the marks obtained with the total score of the examination and multiply it with 100. 

For Instance: Let us assume that you have scored 450 marks out of 500 in 5 subjects. 


Percentage (%)=   (Quantity x 100)/ Total Quantity 

= (450×100)/ 500
= 45000/500
= 90%

The answer is 90%, which means that you have scored 90% marks in your session.

We hope you know how to calculate percentage of marks! If you have any doubts related to career, courses and universities abroad, get in touch with Leverage Edu and get them resolved!

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