How to Ace Internship Interviews

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How to Ace Internship Interviews

What ideas do you have in your head when you consider an internship? Although many people might believe that only recent college grads apply for internships, that isn’t always the case. It can also be a terrific approach for someone changing careers to get their foot in the door in a fresh field. An internship can be a terrific way to develop new skills, network, and up your professional game especially in the current economic climate.  

Tips to Ace Internship Interviews

The fact that this interview is for an internship rather than a full-time position shouldn’t lead you to believe it is less significant. You should approach it similarly to any other job interview. Doing your research and being well-prepared are two things you should aim to do. Here are some practical suggestions to assist you in getting ready for an internship interview because any interview process can be stressful. 

Research the Company

Spend some time looking over their website and LinkedIn profile to learn more about what they are trying to achieve and how you can help. You would get to know what kind of skills you can learn from this internship which will help you in your career development. 

Know About Your Interviewer

Do you know who will be interviewing the candidate? Look them up on LinkedIn and the business website, and see if you can find something you like or something you share. You can congratulate them for a recent accomplishment even though you don’t want to appear to be online stalking them.

Dress Professionally

Before the interview, choose your attire in accordance with any instructions provided by the firm (such as business professional or business casual). It is a good idea to presume that business casual attire is required if they provide no further information. To lessen anxiety before the interview, think about choosing your clothes in advance.

Practice for the interview

You can research frequently asked questions and evaluate your answers even though you won’t be able to anticipate every question an interviewer may ask. Instead of memorising the answers, just prepare your major points in advance. This will enable you to respond in a clear and succinct manner. You can also work on your presentational skills. It’s preferable to speak with assurance and project welcoming, open body language.

Be organized and punctual

Consider arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview. Don’t forget to budget for parking, transportation, and walking to the interview. If more than one interviewer attends the meeting, bring extra copies of your papers, including your CV.  

Describe Your Skills and Give Examples to the Interviewer

The term “behavioural interviewing” refers to one type of common interviewing. Your interviewer will give you a scenario and inquire as to how you would respond to a particular circumstance. The ability to quickly recall prior relevant experiences will be made possible by preparing for these types of questions prior to the interview. (For instance, describe a situation where you had to make a quick decision to finish a project on time and be able to think quickly.) In this instance, the interviewer is curious about how you think and how you can solve problems.

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Gain confidence and clarity by practising your questions and answers. You can reduce your nervousness and position yourself as a strong applicant by being well-prepared and aware of what to anticipate during an internship interview. For more interesting updates, check out How to ace walk-in interviews at Leverage Edu.

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