Importance of NEET Mock Test

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Importance of NEET Mock Test

The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is a pan-India medical entrance examination conducted to select candidates for entry into dental and medical courses, for example, MBBS, across public and private colleges, barring a few. Earlier conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, it now comes under the ambit of the National Testing Agency (NTA). Moreover, NEET Entrance Exam is mandatory for both, students looking to pursue their education in India as well as those aspiring to study abroad. Furthermore, owing to the heavy competition along with the tricky nature of this exam, it is essential that an aspirant realises the significance of a NEET mock test and how using these to furnish your preparation can help you in securing a seat at your dream institution.

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Preparation Essentials

In order to give your best attempt during the exam, there are a few prep essentials that you must have. This includes best books for NEET, online lectures from experienced professors/lecturers along with multiple NEET mock test papers. Having these materials by your side helps you in preparing for the exam from trusted sources as well as giving you an idea about where you stand and what your performance on the exam is likely going to be. An important suggestion that appearing for a NEET mock test, periodically in your prep phase is paramount to assessing and highlighting your strong and weak areas. This, in turn, gives you an idea about the direction of study and what your priorities must be at any given point in time. And, for recent starters, getting this idea early on is influential in more than one respect as it will help you sort out the whole preparation schedule as well.

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How Are NEET Mock Tests Helpful?

Mock tests, created under official guidelines and instructions, are an accurate representation of questions you can expect to find on your exam. Since the NEET exam’s vast syllabus concerns subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, covering it in its entirety is a monumental task at the hands of individuals. In this respect, a subject-wise NEET mock test is particularly helpful in creating a benchmark for you strive for. The following points accentuate the importance of a NEET mock test in further detail.

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Performance vs Time

The NEET exam is as much tricky in terms of questions as it is when the time allotted is considered. That’s why it becomes important that students prepare for it in a time-bound way that not only highlights your performance but also the amount of time you are devoting per question and where you need to work on saving some extra minutes. Thus, with the help of NEET mock tests, you can put your learned concepts to test and gauge the areas where you are strong and those which need more practice. Remember, getting the questions right must be your priority but doing the same within the stipulated time period must an essential aim. 

Devising Your Own Strategies

When you go over the testimonials of successful performers on the NEET exam, you may find a common similarity that each student prepared with a different strategy that suited their own strengths and abilities. Appearing for a NEET mock test does that job for you. It helps you in coming up with your own strategies, tricks and shortcuts that suit your strong points. Whether you are more comfortable with starting with a particular section, for instance, Physics or Chemistry section or any other strategy, it assists you in working on strengths and improving your weaknesses.


As discussed, the vast syllabus of the NEET exam comprises of many unique subtopics which you might find difficult to comprehend. Periodically attempting a NEET mock test during prep helps you, through questions, to solidify the concepts behind it. Through questions, you acclimatise more clearly to the nature of the test and how to tackle a seemingly perplexing question. Any other way, and you will be lost in translation which will lead you to exhaust your precious minutes. 

It is important that students don’t get lost in only searching the answers to ‘how to prepare for NEET’ and devote time towards developing their own study plan. A study plan incorporating varied NEET mock tests can sharpen your focus on your strong and weak points thus helping you successfully crack the exam. If you are struggling in your efforts for NEET, or any other examination, consult the experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu who can not only assist you in acing your preparations and sailing through the test with flying colors.

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